Total eCom Domination Review – Legit Shopify Course?

Welcome to my Total eCom Domination Review!

There has been a lot of buzz about this latest launch so I decided to purchase the course and give you all an insiders point of view…

I know a lot of people who review products never actually buy the course…

Which really isn’t fair for you because how do you know their review is even right?

The biggest questions you might have are…

  • Is this course actually legit?
  • Can you make money with it?
  • Is it newbie friendly?

I am here to put some rumors to rest and actually give you a proper review of this course…

Find out of it’s a legit course or not…

Total eCom Domination – The Founders

Total eCom Domination Review

Website: www.totalecomdomination.com

Total eCom Domination is the brain child of Sean Agnew, Chris Groves, Aaron Andrews and David Johnson who have collectively made over 7 figures online.

Sean Agnew is an eCommerce specialist who has made over 6 figures using eBay and Amazon.  He also specializes in product research and optimization for increases ROI.

Chris Groves has generated over 1 million in profits in 9 months using Facebook Ads and PPC.

Aaron Andews has over 15 years of experience in the industry and has built many profitable businesses by collecting emails and sending them high converting offers.

David Johnson has cracked the good with Facebook Ads…His first month he generated $22,000 in commissions with a 700% ROI.

So when it comes to expertise, all of these guys are legit and are qualified to teach you.

Total eCom Domination – What Do You Get?

There are TWO versions of the course, one LITE and one ADVANCED.

Both are setup like this…

Shopify Setup:

Here you will learn step by step how to actually setup your Shopify Store the right way.

This is designed so a complete newbie can follow it.

There are 7 videos overall broken down in a few minutes each to make it easy for you to follow.

Store Design:

This is a VERY important step.

I personally do sell on Shopify and I noticed I was doing things wrong before I bought this course…

As soon as I made those adjustments, my sales actually went up by 30%!

That was a real eye opener for me…

See sometimes we think we know best, but that’s far from the truth lol.

Finding Products:

Here you will learn how to find products from several suppliers and what to actually look for.

I am not going to get into details because it’s not fair for the actual creators of this course to spill the beans…

What I can tell you is all the suppliers they use are legit and the prices are VERY competitive…

Also, they show you how to actually list your product properly on Shopify that has been tested and proven to bring in a ROI.

Profit margins are big…

For example, I was selling a $50 product and was buying them for $15…

Yes, now image making 10-20 sales a day?

Yeah you can see that can add up fast.

That’s because of the next thing…

Facebook Ads Basic:

Here you will learn how to create a fan page and setup your first Facebook Ad campaign.

They will also go through the rules so you know what NOT to do as well.

Again, everything is step by step.

My very first Facebook Ad I was spending around $2 for to make $10…

Not a bad deal right?

“Hey, here is $2 and now give me back $10”. LOL.

Alright, this is where the Total eCom Domination LITE ends…

Total eCom Domination Lite Cost:

This version will cost you $47

Okay because when I buy a course, I actually got the advanced version…

The reason for that was because the LITE version gave me results…

I just went all IN.

Total eCom Domination Advanced:

So you are probably wondering what you get in this version?

You get everything from the LITE version plus this:

Facebook Ads Advanced:

This is where they go into techniques never found anywhere else…

This is where you know Chris Groves and Danial Johnson didn’t hold anything back…

Honestly, I would have paid $1000 for just this Facebook training alone…

When I used these techniques, for every $3 I spent, I was making $20+!

I knew exactly how to laser target my customers and the results were just insane.

Increase ROI with Apps:

This part was a complete game changer for me…

I wasn’t running any apps in my Shopify store before and was getting good results…

As soon as I applied the Apps, my sales went up 40%!

Yep, just a small tweak but got massive results.

Scaling Out:

So once you have a profitable Facebook Ad Campaign, you need to learn how to scale that out.

For example, if you have 3-5 ads making you $60-100 a day, imagine what 20 ads can do that have been optimized.

Right now I have about 10 Ads going and averaging $200 per day net profit with my Shopify store.

Not bad considering I haven’t had to go back to those ads in months lol.

Cost Of Total eCommerce Advanced:

The Cost is $497 one-time and honestly it’s WELL worth it.

The Facebook Ad Advanced and worth that because you can use these techniques for ANY business…

If you are on other eCommerce platforms like eBay, Amazon Bonanza, you can use those ads to help with sales.

Total eCom Domination Review – The Verdict

This is the best Shopify training course out there because I have bought most of them already lol.

A lot of them beat around the bush and never really get into the meat and potatoes.

They just give you enough so you will get some results.

With Total eCom Domination, they spill all the beans and give you exactly what they have used to build their Shopify store.

Don’t just take my word for it…

Look at these testimonials:

Total eCom Domination Testimonials

Did you see enough?

I put my seal approval on this because I actually BOUGHT this course…

And, you can make SERIOUS money with this course….

Shopify Sales

Here is a proof shot of the back office:

Total eCom Domination Bonus

For the next 100 people who purchase this course off of me will get my eCommerce bonus training where I have made over $800,000 in sales on platforms like eBay and Amazon.

eBay sales

So I know this will help you…

I did it totally through drop shipping so I didn’t have to buy any inventory before hand lol.

So if you are serious about completely dominating Shopify and completely transform you life…

Honestly, just get started with the LITE version below and be Amazed…

Click Here and Get Your Copy of Total eCom Domination

Because let’s face it, even an extra $2000-$5000 per month can be LIFE changing…

And with this course, you can definitely get there.

All you have to do is…

Get Started Here


Also, please email me copy of your receipt when buying off of me so I can send you that bonus training…

I will see you at the top,

Total eCom Domination Shopify

-Jesse Singh

Daryl - May 25, 2016

Hello, What are the O.T.O’s for the LITE version?


Ricardo Figueroa - June 13, 2016

Is this the same course that is inside DSD?

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