Strike7 Review – Legit 280% ROI in 40 Days or Big Scam? Find Out Here…

Welcome to my Strike7 Review!

Chances are someone approached you about this investment/mlm opportunity and you decided to do your research and make sure it’s something you want to get involved with correct?

First of all, congrats because you are doing your research instead of blindly jumping into something.

I have seen so many people get burned by joining companies on hype instead of facts.

In this blog post I am going to walk you through Strike7’s history/company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.

All you have to do is PAY close attention and read this to the end because I do reveal shocking truths.

Let’s dive into this Strike7 review shall we?

What Is Strike7?

Strike7 Review

Strike7 offers many different services that helps Bitcoin miners invest their Bitcoins at great interest rates. Strike 7 offers turn-key investment solutions that will meet the needs of their customers.

They claim they are not a trading platform and apparently have been in business since 1996.


Strike7 provides no information on who runs the company or even the management staff is that takes care of your Bitcoin investments.

When I checked the “About US” page, it’s just a generic description found on multiple websites.

They provide a UK Incorporation number for “SpiderCoin Limited”, but when I looked it up…

It belongs to a company called “Profit-I-Need limited”.

Profit-I-Need limited was incorporated back in October 17th of 2017.

When I took a look at the address, I noticed it belongs to a coffee shop in Manchester.

The good news is I found a “Todd Russell” listed as the Sole Director of Profit-I-Need, but couldn’t find ANY information on Russell.

Just so you know that Strike 7’s website domain “” was registered on November 11th, 2017.

Not too long ago…

So how is Strike 7 operating since 1996?

Too many unanswered questions and everything is all over the place.

Let’s take a look at the Strike 7 products next…

Note: This isn’t on our list of Best MLM Companies.


Strike7 Products

Unlike the other Strike7 reviews out there I am doing my best to stay neutral with the information I have…

Strike7 offers a “turn-key” investment solution to grow your Bitcoins overtime.

However, this service is not available at the retail level and you must become an affiliate to have access to it.

You can also promote the affiliate membership if you choose to…

Next inside of this Strike 7 review let’s take a look at the compensation plan…

Strike7 Compensation Plan

Inside of Strike7, you have TWO ways to make money…

  1. Through their investment opportunity
  2. Through their referral program

Investment Opportunity

As a Strike7 affiliate, you can invest anywhere between $20 to $10,000 in Bitcoin on a promise of a 7% daily ROI for 40 days.

If you do the math here, that’s 280% over 40 days…

They must have found the holy grail of investment opportunities…

Referral Commissions

When you sponsor new affiliate into your downline, you get paid through  a unilevel compensation plan structure that pays up to 3 levels.

  • Level 1 (Personally sponsored members) – 8%
  • Level 2 – 5%
  • Level 3 – 3%

What Does Strike7 Cost To Join?

Strike 7 affiliate membership is actually free, but if you want to make money in the investment opportunity you must invest $10 minimum.

Conclusion On Strike7

Apparently Strike7 makes you those crazy ROI’s in 40 days through their “investment professionals” that are no where to be found…

They also provide no PROOF of how they are generating 280% ROI in 40 days…

But let’s get serious here…

If YOU get the ability to generate 280% ROI every 40 days, why would you need investments from affiliates?

Wouldn’t you just get like a $50K loan from the bank and eventually become a billionaire?

Companies that offer a certain time frame like 40 days never MAKE it to that point.

I would be shocked if they could pay up after that 40 days is up…

Honestly, just use your common sense here…

Number 1, we don’t know who runs the company so how can we trust it?

Number 2, they are making CRAZY ROI claims with no proof of how that is happening.

The truth is newly invested funds are paying off existing members and once that slow down, the ROI’s will crash.

Sorry to be blunt, but just want to protect you.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Strike7 review and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below…

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