Organo Gold Review – Legit or Scam Read This Before You Join

Organo Gold Review – Legit or Scam

Thinking about joining Organo Gold?

But what is it exactly?

Is it a MLM coffee company?

Is “Organo Gold” the ultimate home based business opportunity?

Let’s take a closer look, put a few rumors to rest and discover a few insider secrets that may surprise you..no, SHOCK YOU!

What I need you to do is pay attention because this is the MOST detailed Review on the internet period.  I don’t hold anything back and going to tell YOU as it is..

Before we get started…

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Organo Gold Review – bringing the treasures of the earth to the people of the world.

Organo Gold (organogold.com) is the brainchild of Bernie Chua who came up with the idea of putting a special sacred herb the Chinese  have been using for 4000 years to cure diseases.  The herb is called ganoderma lucidum.  He wanted to bring the treasures of the earth (Ganoderma) to the people of the world.  Now his challenge was to get a delivering mechanism that people will ingest daily and the idea of coffee came into mind.  He talked to Shane Morand (global master distributor) about infusing the ganoderma herb into coffee and this is how Organo Gold was born.

The company actually existed since 2008, but it was officially launched with the proper marketing and infrastructure in 2010.

You see,

This company had TONS of challenges before 2008 and I will tell you exactly what those were.

First, people were not getting their products on time.  The company was just growing TOO fast for it’s own good and a ton of people quit early because of this..

Second, the few products they had in the beginning (black coffee, Cafe Latte, and Cafe Mocha) were always back-ordered.  Again, this hurt Organo Gold big time.

Third, they didn’t have the proper marketing system in place that could duplicate and because of of this many people to fail in the start.

To fix the Organo Gold marketing system challenge, they brought on board a man named Holton Buggs who was already very successful in network marketing in the past.

Holton Buggs developed a system called the “4 steps to success” which changed the success rate of the distributors by 10 folds.

By 2010, all the infrastructure could easily handle the demand of the market and to this day, the company is very reliable on sending out orders without having anything on back-order now.

Organo Gold has stabilized and to this day has generated $1 Billion Dollars Plus in revenue in 5 years.  No MLM company in history has been this successful.

Product line

Organo Gold is technically a ganoderma company disguised as a coffee company.  All their products which range from Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate to soaps and lotions have ganoderma infused in them.  I personally have used the products and they all are great.  My personal favorite coffee is the Cafe latte I just can’t get enough of it lol.

The biggest difference between all the other MLM companies and Organo Gold is that their products SELL big time.  There are many distributors that ONLY sell the products to make a living without recruiting other members.  The typical  black coffee at wholesale goes for $17.00 and many distributors sell it for $34.00 which puts $17 in your pocket.  Not bad for a MLM product.

Compensation Plan

Like many other MLM compensation plans, Organo Gold uses the Binary system.  It looks like this…

Organo Gold Review


They say this is one of the best compensation plan and it really is..this way all the people you recruit work with each other instead of against each other if you lined them up.  Depending on which pack you start with (Bronze, Silver or Gold) you can get paid up to 20% on the lesser leg.

What do you mean lesser leg?

many reviews out there don’t tell you this little dirty secret.

You see,

You can have 20 members on your right and 5 members on your left.  You only get paid up to 5 members worth of volume points and the rest gets held until you recruit enough on the lesser leg.  Another secret they don’t tell you is if you don’t have at least two people (One on your left and one on your right) and you are active, they will start to flush your points which I believe is wrong…

You should have ALL your volume points even if you are not active.  You worked for them and they should be there regardless of anything else.  However, the sad truth is they start to flush your points down the toilet if you are not active or if you don’t have your duel team.  Another scenario looks like this, you can have your duel team in the beginning where all your distributors are active, but if one decides to quit and you don’t recruit anymore people, your points will be flushed after a month.

You can proove me wrong if I said anything incorrectly in the comments below.

Cost of Doing Business

To join Organo Gold you have to buy their $49 starter package.  This includes a binder, some samples and pamphlets.  Now to actually use their compensation plan, you have to buy a pack.


Here is the different business packs.

Bronze Pack:

This costs $150.00 and you get about $150 wholesale products.  You are eligible to earn 10% in their compensation plan and to be qualified in their comp plan, you have to keep an auto ship of $50 per month.

Silver Pack:

This costs $450 and you get about $450 in wholesale products.  You are now eligible to earn 15% in their compensation plan.  Now because you bought the silver pack, you have to keep an auto-ship of $100 per month to stay active at 15%.

Gold pack:

This costs $1300 and you get $1300 in wholesale products. This is their top pack and now you are eligible to earn 20% in their compensation plan.  Your auto-ship requirement is still $100 per month to stay active at 20%.

Marketing System.

This is where it all goes wrong.  The expect you to make a list of 100 people you know and categorize them as coffee drinkers and business builders.  Organo Gold tells you to reach out to them one by one and tell them to buy a box or two off of you.  Yes.. It’s that blunt lol.

After that, they tell you to host 4 Coffee and jazz mixers where you have people over to your house taste testing the coffee and products.  After that, you show your possible prospects the business  presentation to get people to join you in Organo Gold.

This is where I don’t agree with them.  There is a much better way to recruit distributors into your business.  I will show you exactly what I am talking about a little later.

So ladies and gentlemen, I laid everything out for you as it is…

What you can do is if you still want to join Organo Gold is try some of their products to see if you like it.

You can buy products here:  www.OrganoGold.com <– Just click the link


You can join Organo Gold here:  www.joinorganogold.com <– Just click the link

And… If you want to learn how to sponsor 50 people PER  month without doing CJM’s, bothering friends and family or sampling coffee, click Here Now!

For the people are just looking for a great way to  making money from home that DON’T want to…

  • Recruit people
  • Do home parties, cold calling or sample coffee
  • Bug family and friends to join your business

Your actually in luck because the first time ever you can MAKE money entirely online!

Update:  No Longer in DS Domination and personally recommend this business as the ultimate:  Digital Altitude review

This company is called DS Domination, and what I did was use their training and sold items on eBay without actually having inventory on hand.  What I do is take items off Amazon and sell them on eBay for a profit and after doing this for 4 months now, here is a snap shot of my eBay sales:

Organo Gold Scam


So in the last 7 days, I have made $9111 in sales with a profit margin of 40%!

Let’s do some math shall we?

So $9111 in sales x 0.4 (Profit margin) = $3644.40 in PURE profits in 7 days.  I don’t know about you, but that is LIFE CHANGING income.  The great part is, I didn’t have to recruit anyone, bother friends and family or do any kind of home party.

So why join my Team in DS Domination?

It’s simple, my team is the most successful team in ALL of DS Domination, and yours truly.. ME lol, is NUMBER 1 in the leader boards as we speak.

Not only that, 40% of the people in the top 10 are FROM my team!  So we must be doing something right… 🙂

top mlm companies, best mlm business

So what does our team do differently?

When you join my team, we actually have an amazing support and marketing system for FREE that is not found anywhere else.  This is what you get for FREE found no where else:

  •  Secret Insider eBay Tips 4 Part Video Series ($97 Value)
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  •  Access to Our Back Office Proprietary Marketing System ($497 Value)
  • Free Viral Blogging System ($297 Value)
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The bottom line is, stick with my team and I and we will help you make your first sale on eBay.  I will personally go through your listing and make sure your on the right track.  You ready to get started?  CLICK HERE NOW AND JOIN MY TEAM.


Oh by the way, I have used this system to sell my Organo Gold products like hot cakes.  This is how I moved my GOLD pack in 7 days ALL on line… Look at my recent sale:

organo gold coffee



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Bless and be blessed!

organo gold

– Jesse Singh

Organo Gold Review – Legit or Scam Read This Before You Join | Work Less Live More - November 8, 2013

[…] What I need you to do is pay attention because this is the MOST detailed Organo Gold Review on the internet period.  I don’t hold anything back and going to tell YOU as it is..(continue reading here) […]

alicia henderson - November 8, 2013

would like more info

    Jesse Singh - November 9, 2013

    Absolutely, I just sent you an email.

      Queen - April 17, 2014

      Wow! Best presentation ever. I’m an independent distributor in SA and really needed to know this. You are a blessing. Please send me more tips on queenfnkabinde@gmail.com

    Israel Issako - February 8, 2014

    I’m interested in the steps ! Please Help Me …

Jesse Singh - November 26, 2013

Hey Frod,
What business are you in right now?

WillT - December 17, 2013

I enjoyed reading your article! You did not criticize the legitimacy of the company or their plan, which I now often see in most “reviews” about MLM companies. I like how you explained the marketing plan and mentioned the strengths and weaknesses you perceived and how to improve on it. It’s good to read about input from other business people, especially successful ones.

    Jesse Singh - December 17, 2013

    Hey Will,

    Thanks for stopping by! I do my best to give out the most honest review on business opportunities. Too many bias reviews out there from actual distributors, this one is 3rd party.

    Organo Gold is a great opportunity with great products, but like most MLM’s they have their flaws.

      Dan - December 19, 2013

      Is this company better than those such as primerica or 5linx?

        Jesse Singh - December 19, 2013

        Hey Dan,

        I wouldn’t say it’s better, but I know one thing. Coffee is a much easier sell than anything else.

        Think about it…

        7 out of 10 people drink coffee and people are willing to pay up to $5-8 per cup (Look at Starbucks).

        So if you can offer them a healthier coffee that costs LESS than Starbucks, you are golden.

        I tried the coffee myself and it is delicious. I did notice some health benefits like: Better sleep, more energy, no crash etc.

        I hope that helps Dan.

          Brad - January 4, 2014

          I know you will think I criticizing but Im really not.

          People dont pay $5-$7 for a cup of coffee. They pay that for a specialty coffee, mocha, or frappacino. A cup of coffee at Starbucks is roughly $2 but it is fresh brewed. The organo coffee is instant coffee. How much sugar is it vs actual coffee?

          I have 2 serious questions. Why do you have to pay $1300 and then keep a constant $100 a month order? Ive had my own business selling things for years. Ive never had to ‘pay’ to sell a product. Ive had to buy a certain amount to get price breaks. But to just sell things, a business license and money to buy what I wanted.

          If it is so great, how come it isnt in Walmart, Kmart, Target, grocery stores, etc etc?

          Any product that is in real high demand is in these types of stores.

          Jesse Singh - January 4, 2014


          I appreciate you and your question. I will answer it to the best of my abilities.

          So you have two serious questions so let me get those out of the way first.

          1. Why do you have to pay $1300 and then $100 every month.

          First of all, you don’t have to buy the gold pack at $1300. I think there is a mis-understanding here.

          You say you buy products in bulk to get discounts correct?

          The GOLD PACK isn’t just some fee, it’s $1500 worth of Organo Gold products at wholesale FOR $1300.00

          You are getting whole products for $1300, that’s not some fee.

          Now for $100 month is only if you want to stay active in their duel team commission pay out.

          If your desire is just to sell coffee, you are not required any auto-ship or anything like that.

          Duel team is when people join your business to sell coffee. So when you buy a Gold pack it comes
          with a special perk which allows you to make 20% commissions on all of your personally enrolled
          business partners.

          That is the power of leverage and the biggest companies in the world do the same.

          Not only that, you need WAY more than $100 worth of products every month. If you think $100 is
          steep every month, then you don’t have the right mindset.

          When I was enquiring for a franchise called Tim Hortons, they wanted $500,000 for the store.
          $40,000 worth of equipement AND…

          They wanted me to pay $40,000 every month no matter what for their products.

          So $100 overhead is nothing.

          To be honest, if you follow their training you will have to order WAY more than just $100 a month to
          keep up with the sales you are making.

          2. If it was so great, why wouldn’t it be in Walmart and other big stores.

          Bernie the CEO of Organo Gold was already VERY wealthy before he started Organo Gold.

          He could have easily just made a big coffee change company like Starbucks or Tim Hortons.

          His vision was to help normal people around the world to build wealth and the only way to do
          that was build a network marketing company.

          He are some figures of sales Starbucks vs Organo Gold

          When Starbucks was in their third year in business, they made $40 million dollars world wide.

          Organo Gold in their third year in business made $700 million dollars world wide.

          Organo Gold already broke the billion dollar barrier in 2013.

          So it’s doing EXTREMELY well and the company is making a 6 figure earner every week
          as of January 2014.

          I hope that answers your question.

          I know there will be ton of people bashing Organo Gold because they will say
          “I didn’t make any money”

          These are the people think Organo Gold or any other network marketing company will
          make them rich over night.

          They believe with only a little bit effort will give them millions the next day.

          I am sorry to say you “reap what you sow”.

          You TREAT this like a million dollar business and you will get million dollar results.

          That’s the way it works. All of the top earners in Organo Gold or any other Network marketing
          company worked their butts off.

          Raul - February 12, 2014

          how would you sell coffee its not even approved by the FDA

          Jesse Singh - February 12, 2014

          Hey Raul,

          Nothing herbal is approved by the FDA. And don’t even get my
          started on the FDA. They approve these harmful drugs that just
          put havac on your body, but they can’t approve natural herbs that
          help the same thing.

          Where is the FDA when there is medication on the shelf killing people
          because of reactions and then all of a sudden they pull them off the shelf.

          Where were they INITIALLY when they approved that drug??

          You see FDA is just a big joke that Pharma companies pay to keep herbs out because
          it will effect the profits these big pharma companies make.


annete - December 26, 2013

Thanks for the article. I would like to build my Organo gold business online. Talking to friends n family is a challenge. Even if they join to support you they don’t grow the business. I believe the right people can be found online. How do I go about that at minimal costs?

    Jesse Singh - December 26, 2013

    Hey Annete,

    See how I wrote this blog post and you found it? Imagine you doing the something and getting people to join you right here.

    This is how you do it, I provided a link in my blog post for the marketing system I use.

    That is how I started online and the results are amazing. I will give you access to our team site which gives you about
    $1000 worth of training for free. Click the link below and leave your email address. A 40 minute training video will
    play. Just watch it start to finish.

      dave - January 25, 2016

      Jesse , im an organo gold member and iv got to warn you that you are breaking your contract with organo gold by advertising on ebay , amazon etc … its all there in the policies paperwork on your dash boad . If you are disco ered they will cancel your buisness . Just a heads up to you and everyone else

        Jesse Singh - January 30, 2016

        Hey Dave,

        You know what, they never enforced it because they don’t care.

        Also I have showed them all these ebay sellers with their products, but
        they just ignored it.

        SO if they don’t care I don’t care lol.

        I am not in Organo Gold anymore anyway.

Top 3 MLM Companies That Make You Money Now | Work Less Live More - January 7, 2014

[…] you want to try Organo Gold products, you can go ahead and Click Here […]

Lou - January 7, 2014

I love the product, but the company didn’t care when we called and told them that the same coffee was being sold in Ebay for a lot less than the distributor price with free shipping, how come this happened? How can I sell coffee for 35 or even 30 when people can find it on Ebay for 16.00 with free shipping? so I did the right thing I bell out for good…sorry OG too many empty promises. They tell people about huge profit margins but but..all this people haven being tutor on the basis of marketing, nor a little bit of accounting and the most important of all TAXES yes taxes, if you take the year earings and divide by all the hours you work with no benefits at all,because they give you a 1099 :independent contractor” and I bet that more than 90% didn’t have the chance to take business expenses, like when you pay the 10$ to go to a show, do they give you a receipt for your taxes? of course not you know why, all the expenses they claimed as business expense and they can save money but you got screw yes screw, so lets continue since you don’t have an idea about taxes as independent contractor you loose more money, so after all that math and don’t forget OG are not paying to your SS, unemployed tax nor health insurance that you must cover you probably ended up making more money working at walmart Walmart…

    Jesse Singh - January 7, 2014

    Organo Gold is a great company, but it’s hard for the average person.

    I personally never really followed their 4 steps to success because
    there are MUCH better ways to sponsor people.

    That is the only reason I became a sapphire consultant in Organo Gold.

    I learned how to generate leads that want to join you online.

    For everyone that is looking at Organo Gold, I will tell you something.

    There is something MUCH easier to do out there and that can really make you money.

    This is FAR the easiest business I ever did and still do because it’s profitable:

    CLICK HERE NOW to watch this free 4 minute video.

      Chris - January 12, 2014

      Please respond to the ebay issue

        Jesse Singh - January 13, 2014


        I didn’t get any emails or message, what is your eBay issue?

          patricia - January 13, 2014

          Come on Jesse. Lou talked about products being sold much cheaper on Ebay than he sold his. I am thinking of joining Organo Gold and I was with you all the way on your presentation and comments until you ignored Lou’s comment and appeared not to know that Chris was commenting on Lou’s issue. I think you just lost some of your audience.

          Jesse Singh - January 13, 2014


          I have over 80 blog posts I am managing right now
          with 100 of questions. I am SORRY I didn’t get to Lou’s question
          right away, but I did and answered it today.

          Audience, please forgive me as I answer hundreds of questions a day.

          Jesse Singh - January 13, 2014

          Here you go everyone that want to know what REALLY is network marketing.

          I wrote an entire blog post and it should answer most of your questions:


        Lacee - January 14, 2014

        Why don’t you come up with several reasons why you think a person would sell a product for cheaper than what it cost to buy wholesale. And I mean really think about it….People are on ebay to make money, so trust and believe they are making money. You just may never find out how, or be willing to do what they are doing!!!

          Jesse Singh - January 14, 2014

          Interesting question Lacee and welcome to the site.

          Not everyone that sells products on eBay make money.


          Because they just need to get rid of the items because they
          are sitting in their homes collecting dust.

          Why is it sitting their collecting dust?

          because they don’t want to put the work in to make this business

          I don’t trust and believe people that are selling it UNDER
          wholesale are making money.

          They are just trying to get rid of their products because
          they don’t want to do the work.

          I hope that makes sense.

          Ask someone is successful in Organo Gold how to make money, not
          the people that don’t try and tell everyone “I didn’t make anything, it’s crap”


      Laura Mazerolle - April 20, 2015

      Nothing is coming up from this link above

    Jesse Singh - January 13, 2014

    Hey Lou,

    How are you doing?

    First of all, I would NOT sell on eBay. I would sell items in purchase.

    The reason why some people sell for dirt cheap is they just don’t want to
    do the business at all. They don’t want to put any effort and believed it
    was some get rich scheme where they would be rich by putting no effort into it.

    I got receipts to EVERY event I been too. I save all of my online visa statements as well.

    Last year I got $4500 back in taxes which isn’t too bad considering the government would have
    taken that if I didn’t claim my expenses.

    Lou, this is a business not a job. Why do you think OG is going to pay for your health insurance?

    You are YOUR own boss. You make your OWN pay check. And if you have that job mentality, it’s better
    just to work at Walmart or for other places for minimum wage.

    Only way to be successful is take massive action and persevere through any hardship.

    Your income grows when YOU grow.

    I hope that helps, OG isn’t for everyone, it’s for the people that want change and
    are willing to do anything to succeed.

Della - January 13, 2014

How does taxes work with this business?

    Jesse Singh - January 13, 2014


    You will have to show any income you have made, but
    because this is a home based business, you can start
    writing off 10% of your rent or “Mortgage interest”, water,
    electricity, computer, internet etc.

    I would talk to an accountant to make sure, but this is what
    I have done and last year received $4500 in taxes back.

      Terri Kirk - January 16, 2014

      You don’t get to actually write off 10% of your rent or mortgage. You need to have an actual home office that is used 100% for business. Then you get a % based upon the total square foot of your home as compared to your home office. The % can vary greatly depending on the size of your home.

        Jesse Singh - January 16, 2014


        Thanks for coming on by.

        Yes, I use my basement appartment as pure business.

        I have a office, products etc.

        But, even though I use my entire basement for business, I can’t
        write ALL of it off. There is a limit I believe somewhere around
        15% of your home can be used for business.

        Not having a home based business even if you work leaves money on
        the table. I am sure the government would love to spend it for you
        if you don’t take advantage of it.

William Blair - January 16, 2014

Under Federal Trade Commission guidelines, if you do not make at least 70% of sales to retail customers outside your network, then you have what the FTC calls an illegal pyramid scheme. Do you know anyone at Organo Gold that makes at least 70% of their sales to retail customers outside the Organo Gold network? Here in Texas, they have been quite active in shutting down MLMs that are actually illegal pyramid schemes and freezing all their assets. I don’t want to get involved if the same thing will happen to me. Thanks for your review.

    Jesse Singh - January 16, 2014


    First of all, welcome to my blog my friend!

    The good ol’ FTC. In Organo Gold, there are people
    just sell the product and make a full time income.

    Some people just don’t want to sponsor anyone. I actually
    personally was at a trade show selling Organo Gold by the cup
    at $2.50 for a medium and $4.00 large coffee.

    Unlike many MLM’s that sell juices and potions, this is just… coffee.

    How many people you know that drink juices, take vitamins or applies some kind of cream beauty
    products daily?

    I forget to take my vitamins sometimes and I am a health nut.

    Now, how many people you know that drink coffee?

    And do you have to remind a coffee drinker to drink their coffee??

    No way, that is why Organo Gold is different. You have a consumable
    that people drink 2,3-4 times a day and doesn’t have to be reminded of it.

    Organo Gold has ALL the certifications and is a LEGAL business.

    If Organo Gold was illegal, it would have been shut down in 2008, but guess
    what, it’s not.

    It’s the only healthy coffee in the world that actually makes you feel good.

    I don’t drink any other brand now.

    I hope that helps William 🙂

      Rick - January 21, 2014

      William, Amway never had 70% customer base… most of their revenues are distributor generated, joining and doing their autoship, to qualify for those checks….Most MLM’s are dist generated revenues… I am part of a company that has 70%+ customer generated revenues, and we are publicly traded to verify it. You must have a product exchange to have a legit business, NOT just $$$ passing around. Good luck, William

Terri Kirk - January 16, 2014

I am part of Organo Gold as well as another MLM company. Does your 3-step system work for any MLM company? I too like the Organo Gold coffee, but I do find it to be on the pricy side. Yes, they are comparing their pricing to the $2 cups people buy at Starbucks, I get that. But how about those who buy a pound of coffee at the stores for $12.99/pound, $9.99 when on sale. They truly can’t compete on that pricing. We love the King of Coffee, but if you are actually take a look at the total ounces, you are getting 2.75 total oz of coffee at our wholesale price of $31.00. Now, it would take exactly 5.82 boxes of the King of Coffee to equal 1 pound….and at that rate, you are paying approx. $155.00 for a pound of coffee. It is just simple math. And really how much Ganodermo is really inside on of those tiny packs? I use the coffee, but have a hard time trying to push it with the pricing we have. On the other hand, the other MLM company I am in does not sell any products, you do not have any auto-ship to commit to, and you actually save people money while you make money. That to me is a much easier sell, sorry!

    Jesse Singh - January 16, 2014

    Hey Terri,

    The 3 Step system I use works for ANY MLM company not just Organo Gold.
    In fact, I have’t prospected in a while and get all my leads and distributors

    In the King Coffee their is one entire capsule of the Ganoderma spore which
    is very powerful.

    What is your other MLM company?

Rick - January 21, 2014

Jesse, I do appreciate your professional approach to both sides of the company. you say selling coffee is easier to sell than anything else…. look at a news report, which you amy have seen… abcliveit.com, 10 minute investigative report done by ABC Primetime in 2005. Nothign to do about selling, yet unknown and huge demand. I would like your opinion on this amazing report.. THNX again for your insight. Rick

    Jesse Singh - January 21, 2014

    Hey Rick,

    Welcome to my blog 🙂

    Thank you for clearing that up, I am not here to bash or degrade any
    company, I am just showing the facts. I don’t blame people that
    get a little hostile because they have been deceived of thinking
    any network marketing opportunity is a walk in the park but it’s not.

    You will have to put the work into it and stay consistent.

    You reap what you sow, always remember that.

      Nonny - January 22, 2014

      What are the three steps am very interested. i am an organo gold member, and the ganoderma is a magic herb, People are getting real Healthy at a price.

        Jesse Singh - January 22, 2014

        Hey Nonny,

        Welcome to my site and I thank you for taking the time to
        read my review.

        The three step system and marketing system I used to grow a downline over
        200 people in the last 6 months is this:

        Click Here Now

gift smith - January 22, 2014

Hi jesse,i want to use this opportunity to tell you that am so much interested in Organo Gold product,though i was at the workshop that was held yesterday in madrid spain,and i really want to do the business,please tell me what i nedd to do to market this product on line.
yours sincerely

    Jesse Singh - January 22, 2014

    Hey Gift,

    Organo Gold is an amazing opportunity, but the real key is how you can market
    it online because that’s where the money is at if you don’t like recruiting people,
    doing their CJM’s etc.

    This is the marketing tools I used to kick start my business online:

    Click Here now

CC - February 4, 2014

Hello, I was in OG once and I did make a few bucks off of it. I have since then thought about getting back into it. I’m not sure how it will work out this time.

    Jesse Singh - February 4, 2014

    Hey there,

    It’s tough gig to follow, yes you can make money, but
    if you don’t recruit anyone, it’s tough to make money
    from the product.

Milton Reedy - February 4, 2014

Wonder this Organo Gold have caffeine or non-caffeine in it? if caffeine in it so what the percentage if any whether strong or weak?

    Jesse Singh - February 4, 2014

    Organo Gold has the same amount of caffeine as regular coffee (around 100 mg), but
    because of the ganoderma in the coffee, once it hits your saliva in your mouth,
    it gets neutralized and actually the acidity of the coffee hits neutral. So it’s
    not longer an acid.

Maz - February 13, 2014

Is the stuff being sold on eBay any different from the coffee available from organo gold. Is it just people who are looking to get rid of the product or are they making money in it because they are able to sell more if it

    Jesse Singh - February 13, 2014

    Hey Maz,

    When people sell it LESS than wholesale on
    eBay, they are taking a loss thats the truth.

Des - March 7, 2014

Hi Jesse, please send me more info…

    Jesse Singh - March 7, 2014

    Hey Des,

    Absolutely 🙂

Ramsey - March 9, 2014

I’m interested… have seen almost everything but would like to know more. Thanks in advance.

Rob - April 27, 2014

You are incorrect, the loss of points are mentioned in the comp plan doco, look for the fine print in a footnote on page 6 of the USA document.

    Jesse Singh - April 27, 2014


    Do you think it fair to get your points flushed if
    you don’t get your duel team or if some of your members
    quit from your duel team and not making your duel team active?

    I believe that’s unethical.

Aldo - April 28, 2014

Are you an Independent business person stating facts after the research or are you part of Organo Gold Company? Regardless, you could send me more info. Many blessings your way!
Thank you!

    Jesse Singh - April 28, 2014

    Hey Aldo,

    How are you?

    I am actually a 3rd party reviewer where I get the facts
    from actual Organo Gold Reps and post it on my blog.

    You can actually visit their site here:


    God bless you Aldo 🙂

Tolu - May 2, 2014

Hello, can someone from Nigeria access the amazon, eBay business online as well?…thank you.

Lesley - May 7, 2014

Hi Jesse, many thanks for your detail review on OG. I actually writing from Nigeria., and I was made to understand that they have ont officially lauched the Product in Nigeria. And I am very interested in the MLM. With all fairness and reliability. kindly address these concerns
1. At what stage will be pernently active even if your downline are not active.
2 if your downlines are not active, but you are constantly buying and selling the products on your own will be active and recieve you cmpensation?
3. As long as you are buying the products on your own constantly, is compulsory that it will be sold to customers for you to be active, because i know that FLP as far as your ordering the products actively wheather your or you give out free of cahrge your compensation will stillbe flowing. will be the same with OG?
4. with necessarily selling the products can individual decides to enrol memebers of the family as part of downline, and still be compensated with bonus.

5. i know very well as you rightly said that you reap what your sow. it also apply in networking. if you constanly maintain 2 team memebers on the right and two on the left even if there are not active but you are active will it affect your compensation rate?

    Jesse Singh - May 10, 2014

    Hey Lesley,

    1. As long as you pay the minimum auto-ship ($50) you are active.

    2. The only way to receive compensation is if you have at least TWO members active (One on your left and the other on your right).

    3. As long as you have ordered $50 of products, you are active.

    4. Yes you can recruit members in your downline and get paid a commission (10-20% depending on which pack you join).

    5. As long as the two members are active, you will be paid a commission.

    I hope that helps!


    Tony - May 13, 2014

    Hi Jesse I am seriously considering joining OG, I have paid the initial $49.9 registration. However please help to address these my major concerns to know if I am on the right track.

    1. iS this OG Biz a geniue one or just one of those online scam?

    2. How do you make at least 500 PV or sponsor 3 Promotional Product Packs.

    3. How do you maintain 100PV for the qualifying month
    4. how do accumulates 1000 PV.
    5.how do you maintain or accumulate 14,000 PQV in Qualifying Month and 100PV.
    6. Please explain these “Must have 2 personally enrolled Qualified Consultants on both left and right team”.
    7. how do you generate 1000PV and personally sell 5 Builder packs of any combination in one month.
    from your experience and to be honest, would you advice me to join OG marketing network.

    Many thanks Jesse for helping out.

      Jesse Singh - May 13, 2014


      1. OG isn’t a scam 🙂

      2. By following the 4 Step system OG has created (Easy to do)

      3. You have to go on the 100 PV autoship

      4. By following the 4 step system.

      5. By following the 4 step system

      6. Yes, the 2 personally enrolled have to have one of the packs (bronze, silver or gold) to be active in the duel team.
      7. The 4 step system lays this out for you, if you do it, it just works.

      Don’t over complicate things 🙂

        TONY - May 19, 2014

        Hi Jesse,
        Please kindly help to address theses concerns

        1 To achieve the rank of Saphphire must one meet all the three criteria or is it one out of the three.

        2 to remain in the rank of sapphire every month must one personnally enrol 4 new consultants in addition to already enrolled ones
        3. it is true that your downline consultants much be active to remain a sapphire?

        thank you.

Dani - July 11, 2014

Hi Jesse – If I sign up for Organo Gold under you – will you help me learn how to build my business online?

    Jesse Singh - July 11, 2014

    Hey Dani,

    Yes of course, that is what I do 🙂

      ivan - July 12, 2014

      hello jesse can you give me more info on how your system works, im thinking of joining but dont like the whole prospecting part and does your system also work with the company WFG?

        Jesse Singh - July 12, 2014

        If your just sick and tired of the whole recruiting thing and want
        to leverage the biggest retailers in the world to work for you..

        Check this out here…

        Lots of people are making money with it, in fact, this is the system
        that is responsible for my $30,000 per month income right now.

          ivan - July 14, 2014

          do you use this for organo?

Jude - July 15, 2014

I won’t categorically say a certain network marketing company is better than the other because they all have their loop holes but i believe the success of an individual lies in his/her hands. i have seen people who succeed in network marketing companies with bad products and compensation plans. To me i don’t think organogold is a scam or is it 100% perfect but it is good to go.

take care

kyru - July 16, 2014

I have been involved in different MLMs and I haven’t been very successful in them, because I am not good at prospecting. And convincing people to join, my husband does not even want to hear anything about MLM, however, how do I make a success at the MLM business without prospecting, yet reaping from leaverage; ;we truly need the extra cash… I am tired of working too hard, I need to learn how to work smart. Besides, I have so much money invested in these MLMs over the years.

    Jesse Singh - July 16, 2014

    Hey Kryru,

    I was in the same position as you. Went MLM to MLM and was sick and tired of failing.

    So I decided to get into a company that doesn’t require to make money. If you want
    a fresh start and want my help to finally make you money, click the link below and
    watch the video and partner up with me.

    ==> Click Here To See What I Mean.

    -Jesse Singh

Petar - December 5, 2014

Hello Jesse,

I am writing you from Belgrade, capital of Serbia.
I am really beginner in MLM business but I am very interrested for it.
In last couple of days one of my friends wanted to get me to get easy mlm business but I am affraid it is a ponzi scheme. What do you think about that?

And can you help me building a career in mlm? Think that this part of Europe is very good for that.

Tnx in advance

    Jesse Singh - December 22, 2014


    Send me an email and I will direct you to an MLM that works really well.

Steve - January 3, 2015

Is it illegal to both buy and sell a product for a greater price and promote that product by online and offline platforms?

Rof - February 5, 2015

I appreciate your candor and applaud your efforts. I have a couple of questions about OG.
1) If you go in at the Bronze level for $150 is that a monthly charge or a one time fee for sample products etc.
1a) if I start getting successful can I upgrade to the Silver or gold?
2) The auto ships state three pack or six pack…what is it a three pack or six pack of?
3) Do I need to achieve 50 PV a month solely via Auto Ship or can I simply purchase wholesale product that equals 50PV a month?

Thank you,

    Jesse Singh - February 12, 2015

    Hey Rof,

    1) Bronze pack and every other pack is just a on-time cost.
    1a) You have 60 days to upgrade to silver or gold from when you purchase your bronze pack.
    2) 3 Pack is for 50 PV which comes with black coffee, latter and Mocha where the 6 pack has two of each doing 100 PV
    3) You can do either or. If you don’t have an auto-ship, you have to do 50 PV to be paid in the dual team.

stephanie - February 17, 2015

Hi Jesse Singh,
I truly appreciate this breakdown. i reside in Lagos Nigeria and just got the Gold Pack but don’t know my way around. I would really appreciate if i can learn more about your team and how that would help speedily.

i await your prompt response
Kind regards,

Helen - April 5, 2015

Hi Jesse:

Have you realized how hard it is to advise people changing their coffee taste? Local people just love coffee fresh brewed, not instant coffee!!!


    Jesse Singh - April 7, 2015

    Hey Helen,

    People do love their coffee, that’s why Organo Gold teaches to sample coffee so they can make the decision.

Wally - May 19, 2015

Organo Gold is certainly not a scam, I would not have signed up if it was. I have been in the Network Marketing industry for quite a while and have looked over many companies and I love OG.

Susan - August 5, 2015

Hi Jesse,

Someone just asked for information about Organo gold and you answered that you are not actually in organo gold. what does that mean? I thought you were writing this blog to show people the benefits of organo gold. if you are not in organo gold then why are you writing about them?
Why I ask, is because I would like more information on organo gold, but if you are not part of organo gold, then how do know you all these answers about organo gold.

    Jesse Singh - August 14, 2015


    I am a MLM company reviewer so I can show people what are legit and what are scams.

Susan - August 5, 2015

Do all your links require an email first before viewing?

vekeneswari - November 17, 2015


I’m Organo gold distributor. And I’m from Malaysia.

Can you teach me to do fast selling?


Olivier - July 1, 2016

Hello Jesse,

Much appreciated review, I like to see neutral stances we need more of these.

I’m interested in speaking with you. Perhaps you could contact me by e-mail?

Thank you kindly,


Carl Naquin - September 7, 2016

Best coffee for the money is the Awinn-Dixie house label coffee in the big three pounds can. Good coffee equal to COCommjunity Coffee. I read through this and this is plain and simple pyramid scheme to cover for rhe lack of the product’s own desirability.

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