Options Rider Review: Another Financial Gem or a Scam?

When it comes to finding new businesses, I feel that it is my responsibility to learn about them and share whatever information I can with all of you. One such business I came across quite a long time ago was Options Rider. Does the name ring a bell? Not really? By the time you are done reading this article, you will be well informed about this company. So lets jump on to my Options Rider Review.

Options Rider Review:  The Company

According to the company, Options Rider is a leading name in Binary options throughout the world. The company provides its clients an easy way to trade on various financial markets easily. Be it Currencies, Stocks, Forex or Commodities, they help its clients the best of its solutions to convert their financial dilemmas (or lets say investments) into great profits.

The company has dedicated customers who enjoy the professional advice when finance is the talk of the town. Through Options Rider, which is actually a professional tool made for financial tasks, people can easily benefit from the various advantages that are offered through its vast number of features.

 Options Rider Services

Options Rider and its services might be a positive conundrum for those who aren’t into finance and money. But those who are very much active into trading, this tool could be your ultimate solution to many related worries.

On the website, one can find a wide range of services such as Asset index (currencies, stocks, commodities, indices), Expiry Services and various payment options.

For instance, this is what you would find on its home page:

Options Rider Review, Options Rider, Options Rider Scam

Seems like  your very own stock exchange updating platform right? However, this information could be accessed on internet easily. Now comes the most important part – what I liked the most about the company is that they have explained each and everything on their FAQ section,  Visit here.

The FAQ section pretty much explains everything. Let us talk about the Affiliate program Options Rider offers – they offer bonus to clients who sign up for a binary options trading account with them. However, there’s a catch – you can not release the cash into your account until you have reached the required volume. Therefore, the bonuses earned will always remain in your account till the threshold is reached.

Following is an example of required volume that could help you understand the concept better:

  • 50% Bonus: Min. trading volume of 20 times the Bonus Amount
  • 75% Bonus: Min. trading volume of 25 times the Bonus Amount
  • 100% Bonus: Min. trading volume of 30 times the Bonus Amount
  • Available cash – the cash that you have available to trade or withdraw at any time.
  • Pending bonus – refers to the bonus funds that are pending to be converted to available cash once the trading volume in question has been reached.
  • Bonus progress bar – This bar indicates the percentage completed of the trading volume in question.

Options Rider Review – The Verdict

Overall the broker does pay out and is not a scam…

However, if you don’t have the right system in place to do binary options, that doesn’t matter…

You need the right training, the right signal service for you to actually succeed trading in general.

So I found a COMPLETE Binary trading system which has…

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-Jesse Singh

philli - May 13, 2015

Did you know Options Domination gets their signals from JohnAnthonySignals.com? Just letting you know.

    Jesse Singh - May 13, 2015

    Hey Philli,

    That’s incorrect, John Anthony pulled that stunt to get people in his business.

    Not only that John is charging over 100 per month and his signals are not nearly as
    good at Options Domination.

    Don’t assume things, and always find out both sides of the story 😉

D Cooper - May 13, 2015

Do you swear … on a stack of bibles that you are telling me the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

    Jesse Singh - May 15, 2015

    Hey D Cooper,

    You must have had some bad experiences in the past
    to have a comment like that.

    I am telling the truth about what I wrote, I don’t blind side people.

    That’s not my style.

B Womack - May 18, 2015

Have much money have you “personally” wired into Options Rider and to date how much have you pulled out and its hit your account if you don’t mind me asking? Im NOT talking about what your back office “shows” you have made either.
This is where the rubber meets the road. I believe a LOT of people are putting in their money but Im not sure how many are seeing any money hit their account if they try to pull it. The people I know who have invested are now saying its up to 3 weeks and still havent seen any more come back into their account and its always a excuse while its not coming further more why do they not ask for your ss# like any other investment if its legit?

I hope and pray this is real for many peoples sake but it smells like a ponzu scheme ALL day long! YES I am worried bc I have put a Large amount of money(not a 5k or 10k amount either…more) in myself and will know next Thurs if they release my money back to me or my profits in the amount of more than what I deposited.

Your thoughts?

    Jesse Singh - May 19, 2015


    I have personally wired out $5000 to my bank account.

    You see, you can’t take any bonuses because these brokers will sell you on that.

    Then there will be a problem because there are conditions if you take bonuses for example, you have to make up 30 times your balance before you can pull out if
    you take those bonuses.

    I am just being honest with you.

    I also use a few other brokers as well because you can only pull out your money once a month.

    This way with multiple brokers, I can do more withdrawals.

    Remember the “Broker” doesn’t make you money the right signal service does.

Rhonda - May 21, 2015

Jesse you said Options Rider has been around for a long time, but I hear the company started in April of this year. I have invested funds into this company and pray that they will pay out and it is not a scam.

    Jesse Singh - May 26, 2015

    Hey Rhonda,

    As long as you follow their rules, you will be good.

    Don’t take any bonuses.

Remy - June 24, 2015

Jesse — What exactly are bonuses? why not take it? You have an option to take and not to take bonuses? Also, how do you do multiple brokers with Option Rider? Example please?

    Jesse Singh - July 5, 2015

    Hey Remy,

    The broker will give you a sales pitch on the bonuses, just never take them.

    You can have multiple brokers, but remember you will have to make deposits
    of at least $250 in each.

P. - June 24, 2015

I just recently found out a little information about options rider from a friend. They told me how they invested $500 into some company in March and they are watching their investment grow by leaps and bounds. Right now they said they have grown to $20,000. They were told if they didn’t touch their investment until October 2016 that it will grow to over a million dollars. Is this possible? It seems too good to be true. It just sounds like a scam. Because if this is possible why aren’t more people doing it?? Please fill me in on what options rider is? And how can a person trade and make a decent return.

    Ann - July 14, 2015

    Can someone please help me with this question?

    EuroHunter - August 18, 2015

    I would say thats possible. I have invested 20k$ about 4 weeks ago. It has grown to 52k$ (!) since then. If you do the math … man ! This could be an ATM in a few months. I will keep it in there the next 5-6 months. A friend of mine has pulled out money just to check. It took a while, but has worked fine. I also heard, that OptionsRider will introduce an eWallet system soon and completely go “private”, so only a few accounts left.

Robert - July 4, 2015

I am thinking about your the plan and invest please assistance with how do I get started and what steps do, I need to get started, thanks in advance


    Jesse Singh - July 5, 2015

    Hey Robert,

    I am actually not in Options Rider.

    I am in something called Options Domination which is way safer.

Sterling Wirth - July 5, 2015

Guys…Options Rider is a TOTAL SCAM. Been waiting 70 days for a withdraw.

Also, just look at the numbers and you will realize how phony it is. over 80 – 85% win rate means your doubling your money in the first month…therefore a 500 dollar investment is 1000 after 30 days and then 1500 and 2000 and finally 2500 at the end of month 4. Then…your account gets recalculated with 5% so that your account doubles each month…

In a nutshell…Double 2500 for about 10 months and see what your balance looks like…it is comical when at month 16 you have 5 million and then 1.25 BILLION after 2 years.

What is comical is they must have just realized this as they announced that a cap will be coming in the range of 25,000 per trade….

But the scary thing about that is when you are trading 25K 3 times a day your still making ABOVE 125,000 PER WEEK or 500K per month.

Considering they are about 6,000 withdrawal payments behind….Good luck ever thinking a company can pay you.


It gets better when a close alliance showed me a completely FAKE BANK WIRE that was sent into Options Rider for 5,000 U.S.D. and the company actually opened up her account with 5,000 and after 2 months she close to 17,000 of available funds!!!

There is ZERO accounting, They have burned through 10 different banks, People are now forced to RECALL bank wires to banks because they shut them down, 2 major banks in the U.S. will not send them funds, people are waiting 80 days now to get paid, Management has clients do the conference call updates, managment refers to clients websites for people to get information, Michael Sloan and Bob Roberts will not step foot in the U.S., they threaten to Refund your money if you even HINT of being upset, Live Chat is randomly on or off with no hours, they claimed to have hired new persons but have not and Michael Sloan himself is the one doing life chat…

This company is a DISASTER…stay far and keep your distance.

Also DSDomination win rate for their first month of 56% in March – April. Does anyone have updated stats?

    Jesse Singh - July 7, 2015


    Thanks for the new info.

    It’s not DSDomination it’s “Options Domination”.

    Their win rates are 67% as of right now.

Ann - July 14, 2015

Hi Robert,

I haven’t gotten an answer to my question yet. I just recently found out a little information about options rider from a friend. They told me how they invested $500 into some company in March and they are watching their investment grow by leaps and bounds. Right now they said they have grown to $20,000. They were told if they didn’t touch their investment until October 2016 that it will grow to over a million dollars. Is this possible? It seems too good to be true. It just sounds like a scam. Because if this is possible why aren’t more people doing it?? Please fill me in on what options rider is? And how can a person trade and make a decent return.

    Bill - July 30, 2015

    Ann…don’t you think it sounds weird that $500 could grown to over a million in 18-19 months? Bernie Madoff’s clients had statements showing they made a lot of money too. Use your head. Using the same rate of return, they will have $40,000,000,000 (that is billion) in less than 5 years. I’m not sure about you but that seems a bit off to me.

Walter - August 3, 2015

I here good things and I here not so good things.
I put 500 into option rider. I was told it was a private
System. How is someone to really know? I’m told
That in the 5th month on the 5th day you can request
A min. Of 500 dollars.When I first come to this site
I seemed like it was very good, now it seems opposite
What’s with that!

George S. - August 21, 2015

Do not send these thieves your money. Also, be prepared for some laughable explanations of why they have not sent out withdrawals nor returned my 6,000.00, it has been over 30 days!. I recalled my wire 1 day after it was sent.

All three including Bob Thomas, Michael Sloan, and Thomas Carter said they would send my money back. ALL Lies and I have each of them on tape saying it would be returned quickly.

Thomas Carter has Florida phone number, the other 2 players have international numbers. If they don’t return my money soon, the FBI agent I spoke to today tells me there are other avenues to STOP this fraud!

They Lie about their affiliations and registrations. Just contact FOREX for the truth. I am guilty of not paying real close attention, and doing a little more due diligence. Put your money elsewhere, not with these thieves! Update: I cannot believe that some folks are still sending these theives their money???? I guess they will find out the hard way….

    Carol S - September 29, 2015

    How does it work to recall a wire?

dan - August 27, 2015

Hey Jesse,

Do you believe that it’s actually possible to grow the money to 1Million? and to withdraw successfully? Sometimes, it sounds too good to be true. What are your thoughts?

    Jesse Singh - September 24, 2015


    Binary in general is risky, I doubt anyone can hit a $1 million dollars from it.

Susan Wells - September 28, 2015

I put $6000 into Options Rider at the beginning of April, 2015. It has been 5 months as of September 2015. The website clearly states that it will respond to your email saying you did everything right and wire back money into your account. So far, my accounts are upwards of $50,000 according to the website. I only asked for the original amount back and it has been 30 days and counting. I have not heard back from them yet. Has anyone gotten their money back?

Cat - December 18, 2015

Total scam. I invested $1000 in April. I’ve been waiting since October for a withdrawal. No one I know even those who went in the month before me has gotten any money out. I hope the SEC and FBI make them pay! Probably only the first tier suckers got money back so they could be convincing in recruiting all the people they did.

    Jesse Singh - December 29, 2015

    People should just stay away from Binaries…

    They actually make their money when you lose not win.

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