Just List Away Review – Legit eBay Program or Scam?

Welcome to my Just List Away Review!

There has been a little buzz about this latest eBay program…So I decided to do an investigation.’

Chances are you are on this blog post because you have been spammed on Facebook or along those lines about this program…

  • So what is this thing all about?
  • Will this benefit you?
  • Is it worth the price tag?

Find out in my unbiased third party Just List Away Review…

Just List Away Review – What is it?


This program launched last year and gives you a list of items you can put up on eBay.

What they do is send you a chart of items through email with the category, keywords, item location and your profit margin.

Depending on which level you subscribe, you can get up to 50 items a week to list on eBay.

If you buy their Amazon package, you get around 100 items per month.

On the website there is no information on the creator and the website looks like a 10 year old put together…

EVERY website that has a product/service should have information on the CEO etc.

I did find out who is behind this company, his name is Jim Lorengo…

I have been hearing complaints as well with him spamming Facebook members…but I need to see the evidence before I post that.

So there big thing is “No more searching for items that will sell!”

I already see a massive problem with this, but let’s keep going…

Just List Away Reviews – The Memberships

The program has 4 different levels of memberships you can choose from…

eBay Starter:  $19/month

This is the most common membership and the list of items you get will have a profit margin of $5-$60 per item.

eBay Riser:  $25 One-Time, and then $45/month   

Here you get more expensive items with a profit margin of $5-$350 per item.

Amazon Starter:  $22.50/month

Common Amazon list with profit margin of $5-$60 per item.

Amazon Riser:  $25 One-Time, and then $45/month

Here you will get a list of items with a profit margin of $5-$425 per item.

eBay & Amazon Starter Combo Pack:  $37.50/month

eBay Riser & Amazon Starter Combo Pack:  $57.50/month

There is an option affiliate program where you pay $7/month.

This will give you the ability to earn 50% commissions on your personal referrals.  There is no multi-level payouts here, just one uni-level line.

Just List Away Scam – Is it Legit?

It might look great on paper, but there is massive issues with this…

Imagine if they had thousands of people with a similar list, how is anyone suppose to make any money?

I read a FAQ and apparently they have 11 people per list, but when those numbers grow it will get heavily saturated…

Also, you are paying those hefty fee’s for JUST a list!

What about how to list your eBay item correctly?

What about keeping tracking your inventory?

That list might have initial profit margins of $5-$65 but what if the product goes up in price in a day?

FOR that reason, I am OUT!

I would rather invest in DS Domination because not only do you learn the right skill sets to find profitable items anyway, you get a suit of tools to list your item, ranking your item, keeping track of your items on auto-pilot…

DS Domination 2.0 will be launching at the end of May 2015 and it will have the following:

  • Listing tool that makes your items look professional and lists them fast.
  • Listing integration which keeps track of your items for price and stock
  • Software to place your orders on auto pilot
  • Title Builder for best keywords

and much much more…

That starts all at $19.95 per month.

Not only that, when people get the same lists from “Just List Away”, the people with “Top Rated Status” will out rank everyone and will leave the newbies left dry and hanging…

So if you are serious about your eBay business and drop shipping…

Click here to learn more about DS Domination.

I have been personally been using their service for over 15 months now and made well over 6 figures on the eCommerce side alone…

And don’t take my word for it, check out these REAL testimonials…




I actually have hundreds of these testimonials…

You are on this page for a reason…

I believe your break through is just around the corner…

Before DSD, I have failed miserably…

I tried a ton of network marketing companies and gimmicks online that just flat out don’t work.

So I am sick and tired of people falling for gimmicks and my blog is dedicated to things that actually work.

So if you are ready to start profiting…

Click here to watch this video.

You will thank me later 🙂

Bless and Be Blessed,

just list away

-Jesse Singh

P.S.  I will be giving you special bonuses/trainings and support groups once you decide to join my DS Domination team click here.

Chuck Holmes - May 29, 2015

I have been a seller on eBay more than 10 years (ID chuckholmes301). I’ve never done drop shipping nor do I have the desire to do so. Anyone could get started on eBay just by visiting local yard sales, auctions, thrift stores and estate sales. There is plenty of available inventory out there to sell if you are willing to hustle. We take one day a week to buy and normally find 50 to 100 things to list. No, it’s not “easy” money where do nothing and make money, but you can make a legitimate part time or full time income with eBay by following this method. I’m not sure why anyone would want to compete with hundreds or thousands of other drop shippers all selling the same items. Just my two cents.

    savory - July 5, 2015

    yep, on the lines Chuck mentioned, finding used inventory to resell is a viable option. Dropshipping works but you need to constantly undercut and compete with 100’s of thousands of others who are doing exactly what you are doing. The best thing about the author’s company is the affiliate side. The affiliate commissions are really good. If you build a huge team and each member maintains their monthly membership, that is a huge truck load of income, this is a fact.

      Jesse Singh - July 5, 2015


      I have been personally drop shipping for over a year and it’s very profitable.

      I guess you just have to know what you are doing.

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