INFINii Review – Do NOT join Before Reading This

Hey everyone, welcome to my INFINii Review!

There has been a lot of buzz about this company lately and I decided to investigate what it is this all about…

  • Is it just a regular network marketing company?
  • Or maybe it’s something revolutionary?
  • is it easy to implement?

Now is INFINii created to replace your primary job or just work hand to hand with it?

In this detailed review, why don’t we take a quick look and put some rumors to rest and possibly… just possibly finally find out the truth and behind the scenes “secrets” that most likely will SHOCK YOU!

NOTE:  I am NO longer supporting this company, if you want a better eCom solution, read the following review below:

INFINii Review – The Company


Infinii is the brand child of Hitesh Juneja, Kevin Hokoana and Jason Rose…

There is also a large corporate team that’s in the Infinii team helping with customer support, product creation and other cool company stuff.

These three individuals have been very successful business ventures in the past that are STILL going.

In fact, I am still involved in one called DS Domination where they helped thousands of people to earn money on eBay through drop shipping.

So now they are back at it again with something that has never been done before…

So before we continue on this review, I am going to be honest with you and tell you that I actually joined INFINii…

Once you read this blog post all the way through the end and pay attention, you will see it was a no brainer.

Unlike all the other affiliate reviews, I am NOT going to hype it up because I want you to make an informative decision.

Now let’s see what makes this company special…

INFINii Reviews – The Product Line

Most network marketing companies, you have to stock up lotions, potions, go go juice and be on an monthly auto-ship…

I know, your garage can get very full of these products that don’t move…

This is not the case with INFINii….

Like I said earlier, INFINii will be the next generation eCommerce platform where they will teach you to sell on eBay, Bonanza and Amazon.

There will be more platforms in the future.

The concept here is called drop shipping.

Drop shipping just means, you find an item on a supplier side for let’s say $40, you list it on eBay, Bonanza or Amazon for $60.

Now once your customer purchases that item from you and you get paid, you then go back to you supplier side, place the order and send it to your customer direct.

This way you are not actually handling any inventory before hand.

So what we are doing here is SELLING HIGH then BUYING LOW.

So in that example, you would have made a $20 profit out of thin air because it was done all online.

I am going to go through the memberships next and show you the benefits of each.

PRIME ($49.95 per Month):

You will learn how to sell on eBay drop shipping with over the shoulder step by step training.  It can’t get any simpler than that…

It’s very easy to follow and designed for complete newbies.

You will also get an eBay listing tool that will create listings for you in less than a minute.  This is a VERY powerful tool to speed things up.

You will learn how to sell on Bonanza which is another marketplace.  Great thing about Bonanza is there are no restrictions and you are using the Google search engine to drive customers to your items.

Next is a cool concept called make money with shopping parties.

What you will do here is upload the INFINii APP and take a few friends and family to let’s say a Walmart.

This APP will scan items and tell you if they are profitable to sell on Amazon.

So if the APP says, get this item you will make X amount of dollars…

Then you buy those items up.

Then you will send those items into Amazon through their FBA program.

FBA just means “Fulfillment By Amazon”.

So once you send these items in, Amazon will take care of customer service, shipping the item out, and returns.

You don’t have to do anything really other than send in more if your stock gets low.

Remember, you will get STEP BY STEP training on this entire process and won’t take you more than 30 minutes to learn.

It’s easy…

And it’s fun specially for you ladies 🙂

My wife makes me go shopping all the time, but now when I am out and about I am scanning items LOL.

You will get access to their PRIME Springboard product coops where you can buy a seat and INFINii will sell the items for you…

More on this later in the post and this part is VERY exciting so keep reading.

SURGE ($149.95 per month)

In this membership, you get EVERYTHING in PRIME as well and…

You will get automation and analytic platforms for your Amazon and eBay selling.

This just means this tool will actually see what items are selling the best for you and what are the worst.  It will even give you seasonal suggestions.

For example, in the spring time it may tell you to list more “Outdoor Patio Sets” because those do well around that time.

Or maybe in the winter, it will tell you to take down the Patio sets etc.

So this is a VERY powerful tool…

Think of this as “TERAPEAKS” on steroids.

And you will get access to INFINii Springboard Tier 2 product coop, again I will explain this separately after the memberships.

EXCEL ($399.95 per month)

In this membership, you will get EVERYTHING in PRIME and SURGE and….

Full blown Amazon FBA training to source items from China, USA or the INFINii marketplace.

These types of training go for $4000-5000 typically, but you get it at this level.

You will also learn how to drop ship items when you are selling on Amazon.

You will get access to the INFINii Marketplace where you will get exclusive discounts and deals on products.  This won’t be found anywhere else…

These discounts will depend on your membership level, EXCEL members will get the highest discounts.

There will be THOUSANDS of products to choose from…

There will be special REPRICER tool that will price your items to get the BUY BOX.

If you don’t know what the BUY BOX is… no worries.

The training will explain it and all you really have to know is this…

Having the BUY BOX means you will make MORE sales.

That’s it…

You will also get access to an inventory tracking tool that will give you alerts if there are price changes or out of stock conditions when you are drop shipping.

This is a MUST if you are drop shipping.

Additional to all of this, you will get access to the INFINii Springboard Tier 3.

Okay, next I am going to explain these springboard coops,…

…warning this next piece of information will excite you…

INFINii – Springboard (Product Coop)

Welcome to the INFINii Springboard TIERED Coops that ANYONE around the world can participate in.

You don’t need ANY eBay, Amazon or Bonanza accounts for this because INFINii does all the work for you.

I personally do Amazon FBA where I buy generic products from China in bulk, then brand them, then send them into Amazon…

I also do a lot of Amazon SEO wizardry for them to rank…

Now that process can be completely elimated here in INFINii.

INFINii will do ALL the product research for you, buy popular name brand products instead of generic ones and send them into Amazon.

So remember how each membership has different tiered coops?

Well I am going to show you examples below…

PRIME ($49.95 per Month) – Springboard Tier 1.


INFINii will have multiple products to choose from, but let’s focus on this Spider Man Floor Puzzle.

So the company will buy 10000 units and will have 100 seats in this coops.

The cost for this seat is $10

The profit margin for this product is just over 250% ONCE the item actually sells out on Amazon.

Remember these are REAL tangible products that are being sold on Amazon FBA.

The time frame when they will sell will be in the back office.

So if you purchased one seat at $10, you could potentially make $26.10 once all of inventory moves.

So if you purchased all 5 which would be $50, you could potentially make $130 in profit once all the product moves on Amazon.

The caps are there to protect the company and members not to over sell.

See how this is exciting?

So if you are international, you can simply get in the PRIME level, buy one of these seats and sit back and relax.


SURGE ($149.95 per month) – Springboard Tier 2


So in this example, INFINii will order 5500 of this Disney Prince Workbooks.

The number of seats in this coop is 250.

The price per Springboard seat is $73.

The profit margin for the product is over 450% once they all sell out on Amazon.

Again there will be an estimated time in the back office when the units will sell.

The potential profit on this seat will be $332.70 once all the units sell.

These are not guaranteed numbers, but examples what is possible.

EXCEL ($399.95 per month) – Springboard Tier 3


Again, there will be multiple product coops going at the same time.

Let’s take a look at this Spider man 4 Board Book Set

There are 8500 units ordered.

There are 175 Springboard Seats.

The cost of Springboard Seat is $97

The profit margin per seat is over 600% with this product.  That just means once all the products sell on Amazon, it could make $565.85 profit.

At this level, you are limited to 20 seats.

The benefit of being at the higher membership levels is you can buy more in the coops, plus you get all the other stuff I mentioned earlier in this post…

So this is going to be a game changer 🙂

Next, let’s look at the comp plan….

INFINii – The Compensation Plan

After reviewing hundreds of companies, this is far the highest pay comp plan I ever seen…

It pays out 75% overall which is double the industry standard.


INFINii Review – The Verdict

I know this INFinii Review is biased…

But I will tell you this…

I never join a company unless I know 100% that my team members will actually make money.

That’s why previous to this, I was in DS Domination for 2 years because it was all about drop shipping on eBay and Amazon.

I loved the fact my members were making money.

Now with INFINii, they are taking the eCommerce to the next level.

I am VERY excited about the actual Springboards you can buy seats in…

That is going to be a game changer.

Also, for all the Network Marketing builders out there, this compensation plan pays out the MOST.

I never seen any other compensation plan come close after reviewing hundreds.

So I know you are a smart person and you see this has a ton of potential…

You are probably getting ready to get started…

Now why choose me as your sponsor?

I am the TOP recruiter in my previous company…

What does that mean for you?

Well, when you join my team, you will get a ton of spill overs and I will be placing my members on my outside legs in the comp plan.

Not only that, I have made well over $800,000 in sales on eBay and Amazon…

I actually work the eCommerce side and I am qualified to teach you 🙂

Check out my eBay sales last year:

eBay sales

Check out my Amazon sales last year:

Amazon sales

Now, I am not showing you to brag, I am showing you that you are joining someone that can truly mentor you in this business.

It doesn’t matter if you want to recruit members or not.

I do ALL sides of this business.

This is for all the business builders and big leaders in other companies…

I have got one of the founder positions in the company and looking to partner up with other leaders.

You will be directly placed at the top of the dual team.

Right now it’s invitation only…

We are expecting to get over 500,000 members this year so imagine how big that can be for you.

INFINii will official open to the public on December 1st of 2015.

So if you are serious and have a good track record for building a business.


Click here and get on this list.

I will send you an email, all you have to do is replay and tell me you are in 🙂

This is for everyone else that just want to be a customer…

When you join my team, you will be getting EXCLUSIVE Bonuses for joining.

NO other member in INFINii is doing this…

You will get the following for FREE when you join right now…

And remember, you can use these as incentives for your members if you decide to promote.

FREE Team Marketing Website that has the following:

  • Custom Capture pages that connect with Aweber and Get Response
  • High Converting Follow Up Emails for your Email Auto-responder
  • Custom Sales Pages
  • Hang Out Pages
  • Banners

Remember, you will get step by step videos and training’s to learn how to use this system 🙂

Bonus Trainings:

Get My Personal Step by Step eBay and Amazon training that helped me make over $1 million in sales.

Special affiliate training that has helped me generate 200-300 leads a day and helped me sponsor 4000+ members in 18 months.


You will get access to me and my personal Facebook support groups where you will have thousands of my team members helping each other.

We are just one big happy family 🙂

These bonuses are easily worth $2997 if not more….

But these are yours for FREE for just joining at any of the memberships…


Click Here To Get Started

Note – Right now you will be on the waiting list because the company hasn’t launched, but if you are a business builder get on the list and contact me.

All of my team members that join me can give away these bonuses as an incentive.

I hope you enjoyed my Infinii review and if you have any questions before you get started, comment below and I will answer 🙂

Bless and Be Blessed,


-Jesse Singh

Barry Knopf - December 21, 2015

Interested, but what system is in place to help me recruit people?

    Jesse Singh - December 29, 2015

    Hey Barry,

    We have a team marketing system that has everything you need to get going.

    It will be ready very soon 🙂

      Roseann - February 19, 2016

      Jessee..r u still taking good enrollees?

        Jesse Singh - February 19, 2016

        Hey Roseann,

        I am taking everyone now who wants to change their lives 🙂

fred - December 30, 2015

Where do we get products that’s low in price? Who provides those products?? Infinii???

    Jesse Singh - January 23, 2016


    They will be in the marketplace in INFINii so you can use them to drop ship or send them in Amazon.

Jameson Labuguen - January 7, 2016

I wanna join your team. Please send me an email.

Oluwatosin - January 12, 2016

I am from Nigeria.
How do I benefit from this.

Kevin Hargis - January 24, 2016

To start with a simple question.
What ever level I go with, I pay my monthly membership fee, with the purchase power of example a item I am able to get say 100 units @1.00 per unit which would be #100.00 plus co op seats purchase say
$5 .00 a seat and 5 seats available =$ 25.00
Now at total Money being $ 125.00 am I having to pay out of pocket up front to be able to go through this selling end to be able to try to profit on . thought I could make it a simple question. ( In a nut Shell . my out of pocket expenses is monthly payments plus having to buy everything i’m trying to make money on ? Hope you understand what I am trying to ask. Do I need pocket full of money to do this? I am at a very bad financial status, is the reason I’m looking for a home business that I can do that would work on building on . I understand that it takes money to make money. I understand the multi level market conspect and isee how it differs from most of them. Just hoping to be able to make it financially work. Thanks for your time.

    Jesse Singh - January 30, 2016

    Hey Kevin,

    You don’t have to do the springboards AT ALL and I personally don’t recommend them for people
    on a tight budget.

    What you need to do is get started on eBay, Bonanza and Amazon first.

    List products there for FREE.

    Then when those sell and you get paid, you use that money to purchase products.

    So there is no money before hand.

    You see where I am getting at?

    Springboards are totally optional and the big money won’t be there.

    It will be you doing eCommerce on your own ebay/bonanza and Amazon accounts.

Chuck Holmes - February 6, 2016

Drop shipping is great, for some people. I prefer finding unique items myself, so I don’t have to compete with hundreds, or thousands of other people, selling the same thing. My wife and I have been Power Sellers on eBay for many, many years and all we do is visit local thrift stores, auctions, yard sales and flea markets and we find TONS of stuff to sell. So if drop shipping doesn’t work for you, don’t fret. There are other ways to source inventory and still make money.

Moses - February 7, 2016

Hey Jesse,

You answered Kelvin’s question perfectly. Now how do i list the products for free drop the video link in my Gmail please to explain that.

natashja - March 2, 2016

Thank you for this, i am very interested and excited!

Mandy - March 7, 2016

If I start with the Prime plan to see if I am to able to make money without the $399 investment, can I later upgrade to the Surge or Excel plans?

    Jesse Singh - March 17, 2016

    Hey Mandy,

    Yes of course and you only pay the difference.

    So let’s say you are PRIME ($50/mo) and make $400 dollars in 2 weeks and decide to upgrade to SURGE ($150/Mo), you just pay the $100 difference.

    Same goes with Excel.

Jazelle - March 8, 2016

Hi Jesse. How do I sign up?

Kasim Mohammed - March 14, 2016

Hi Jesse

I am based in Dubai(UAE), do you think this business is a viable proposal for a person like me who lives in the Middle East? Moreover, how about receiving the revenue in my bank account, is it convenient and hassle-free?

The other question is after I join your team and feel that this business model is not working for me, how do I cancel my membership wherein I dont get charged the monthly membership fee every month, lets say- Prime membership for 50 USD every month?

Looking forward to hear from you soon.



    Jesse Singh - March 17, 2016

    Hey Kasim,

    This works anywhere around the world and have special international training as well 🙂

    And you can cancel anytime hassle free so don’t worry about that.

    But if you take action, you will be making more than the $50 per month anyway 🙂

ANIKET - March 28, 2016

I read your old blog and asked question there.. Then I found this.. So whats the minimum membership. I am from India. So for me because of conversion rate from rupees to USD its too costly thing. So please tell me the minimum cost at which I can earn some money and then can move for higher plan.
Also will I get the free stuff which you were offering ?

    Jesse Singh - April 4, 2016

    Hey Aniket,

    It’s $50 per month and yes you will get my free bonus training when you join.

    If you take action in your first month, I can’t see why you couldn’t make more than your membership.

godiva - March 30, 2016

I like to join do I need money to start

    Jesse Singh - April 4, 2016

    Hey Godiva,

    Like the blog post says yes.

    I would just get started at the $50 per month level and make a profit from there.

Joseph Saaquah - April 27, 2016

Hello am in Ghana and am very interested in this.I want to be part of your team.

Kishore - May 13, 2016

Are there any allied costs associated with the programme? For example, Coaching fees ($3000-5000)? Building a website? etc.

Charles Loomis - May 18, 2016

I would liketo know more about INFINii.


Mohammed ali - July 13, 2016

Hi anyone from india foing infinii business please ping me I need help

T. Bailey - July 13, 2016

I’m interested. Please tell me more. Is it too late to get in and make money? Is there a free trial?

    Jesse Singh - August 4, 2016


    There are no free trials.

    I pretty much explained everything in this review.

Dom - August 28, 2016

Hi Jesse I know you well from dsd not personally but seen lots of blogs and training videos!

My question is do you need both platforms or is it better to do just the one? And my concern is the tracking tool as my listings with dsd are all tracked

Paulo Ferreira - August 29, 2016

Hello Jesse

I am involved in DSD some time and would like to talk with you about infinii. I´m in your downline on DSD.

Thank you

Tim - September 5, 2016

Hi Jesse,

I have a question about taxes. I am from the netherlands and want to start with the dropshipping business. A lot of the stuff I understand but what about the taxes?

For example:

Client buys a product on ebay from me. I get the payment from that client. Then I order the product at the dropshipper for a lower buy-in price. I’ll keep the profit. But do I need to calculate 21% taxes for this product? Because that’s what the goverment will want to take from my profits and also you have to pay incometaxes as well I quess?

I’ve searched the web for this, but do you also cover this in the program? Difficult subject.

Valentine - September 20, 2016

Hi Jesse,
I’m from Greece and I want to join your team.

Arturo Siew - October 18, 2016

What happen to DS Domination ?

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