Registered on January 16th, 2016, The Gold Trade Limited website domain registration was set to private.

You can find a UK Companies House registration certificate for the Gold Trade Limited company on its website.

With a service address based in Hungary, the company’s registration record indicates that Sandor Marcel Rozsa is the sole Director.

As far as I have searched, there is no further information related to Rozsa and MLM’s.

One piece of information that was available on the company website is Rosza’s date of birth, which is simply noted as September of 1991.

Another noteworthy piece of information is that there as a registration record for a company called Rose Trading House, which uses the same Hungarian address that is provided for the registration of Gold Trade Limited.

With Sandor Rosza also listed as the sole Director of this company, it is somewhat suspect that his birth date is now listed as November of 1964.

With the existence of these discrepancies, there is a good possibility that Sandor Marcel Rozsa, in reality, does not actually exist.

Adding to the mystery that is Sándor Rózsa, it should also be noted that this same name belongs to ‘a legendary Hungarian outlaw‘.

This is where any smart entrepreneur should pause and think. If you are considering joining an MLM company and it is not open and upfront about who is running it or owns and operates it, perhaps this is not the best company to join or invest in.

Gold Trade Limited Reviews – Products

The Gold Trade Limited company does not offer any retail side, with absolutely no products or services available. Affiliates of this company are only able to market Gold Trade Limited affiliate memberships.

Gold Trade Limited – Compensation Plan

The Gold Trade Limited compensation plan has its affiliates invest between $10 and $3000 with the assurance of a continual daily ROI.

The amount of ROI that is paid out is established based on how long the Gold Trade Limited affiliate decides to invest:

  • 10 Karats plan – investment returned after 3 days and 2.08% daily ROI paid out “for lifetime”
  • 12 Karats plan – investment returned after 6 days and 2.68% daily ROI paid out “for lifetime”
  • 14 Karats plan – investment returned after 12 days and 3.57% daily ROI paid out “for lifetime”
  • 18 Karats plan – investment returned after 20 days and 4.56% daily ROI paid out “for lifetime”
  • 22 Karats plan – investment returned after 30 days and 5.55% daily ROI paid out “for lifetime”
  • 24 Karats plan – investment returned after 45 days and 6.78% daily ROI paid out “for lifetime”

Commissions Based On Referrals

Also available as another stream of income are referral commissions. These are paid out through money that is invested by the recruited affiliates and is paid out down 3 levels of recruitment through a unilevel structure:

  • level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) – 5%
  • levels 2 and 3 – 1%

Gold Trade Limited – How To Join

To join Gold Trade Limited as an affiliate, the membership is free, however affiliates who choose to join are required to invest a minimum of $10 if they want to participate in the associated MLM opportunity.

Gold Trade Limited – Conclusion

With absolutely no source of revenue that can be confirmed, other than investments made by affiliates, red flags go up. Newly invested funds provided by new affiliates that are used to pay off existing investors is the definition of a Ponzi scheme.

This revelation is not surprising at all, considering Gold Tade Limited claims to offer a daily lifetime ROI of up to 6.78.

If there was any truth to this claim of a daily 6.78 ROI from Gold Trade Limited, even the smallest amount of money that is invested in the company would yield massive returns that would accumulate in a very short time frame.

As with any ponzi scheme, the reality is that when these newly invested funds from new affiliates subside, Gold Trade Limited will no longer be able to deliver on its its promised ROI.

And when the compensation plan collapses, most of the Gold Trade Limited affiliates will be hit with a loss.

There have been several attempts to get in contact with admin/support services through e-mail that have yet to be answered.

After searching the provided address on Google Earth, it was discovered to be some sort of warehouse. Efforts to contact the company using the provided telephone number are met by continuous ringing or an engaged signal.

After as much research as possible, Gold Trade Limited is, without a doubt, a ponzi scheme and a definite scam. Any investors that are considering joining this company should be extremely wary.

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