Direct Cellars Review – Great Network Marketing Company or Scam?

Welcome to this Direct Cellars review!

When reviewing businesses there are a lot of factors to consider. Word of mouth may be a good way to hear about something, but further research is needed to verify a business as legit. You need to be really sure about investing or working with a business in order to stay safe. In the ever expanding world of the Internet this is more important than ever before.

Whether you have doubts about business operation or not, it is appropriate to do your research about the company before making an informed decision. Many people make decisions without knowing exactly what they are getting into. In this blog post I will provide a brief description and overview of the company Direct Cellars so you can avoid making an uneducated decision. We will take a close look at the products and compensation plans available so you can make the best choice regarding the investment.

Direct Cellars Review

What Is Direct Cellars

The company ventured into the wine business in 2014. Its founder and CEO is the child of David DiStefano. The company specializes in selling MLM wine.  The company website explains that they are promoting wine products produced by Talk Fusion,  Solavei, and Bidfy. These products are offered in various forms and there are distinct opportunities for members and prospective clients described in detail.

Direct Cellars Products

Direct Cellars Products

The company sells a variety of wine by sending out a collection of bottles each month to their clients.  The customers have no choice on which bottles are being supplied to them. Two bottles of wine are sold for $69.95. Four bottles of wine cost $99.95 for retail clients. For monthly membership customers can buy the wines at $49.95 for two bottles or $79.95 for four.

Direct Cellars Compensation Plan

Customers and distributors are paid on commissions by members who support other members in the business. The Commission is funded through binary and unilevel compensation schemes. There are 9 ranks in the direct cellars market network, and members are compensated depending on the number of clients they recruit and maintain in their network. A member is qualified for compensation if they sponsor and support two active members to buy Direct Cellars products for $79.96 per month in an auto ship program.

Members who are enrolled earn $20 per wine bottle package sold to retail customers. One can also be compensated by recruiting new members who buy membership levels. The binary compensation plan is paid at the end of the week to a person who has sponsored at least two people to join the business.

Direct Cellars uses residual commission plans to pay their members through all those levels or ranks. One can also earn bonuses from the members they have sponsored. Any person can join Direct Cellar’s network by buying two premium packages.

Direct Cellars Compensation Plan Video

Overall the compensation plan is pretty fair and compares to companies like Total Life Changes, Organo Gold and Amway.

Is Direct Cellars Legit?

Their website provides detailed information as well as contact details. There are also details of the organization policies and standards. Based on their verifiable model and their effective member agreements, it can be concluded that Direct Cellars is a legitimate company that promotes MLM wine products.

The best thing to do is actually try their wines and see how you like them.

Let’s face it, if you don’t believe in the product, you probably won’t do well on the business side.

I hope you enjoyed my Direct Cellars review and if you have any questions, feel free to ask below…

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