D9 Clube Review – Legit Business Opportunity or Another Scam?

Welcome to my D9 Clube review!

This company has generated lots of hue and cry, and that is why I decided to find out what all the buzz is all about. You could be one of the many people who has come in contact with a member of D9 Clube, but may not be sure if it is a legitimate company.

The good part is that if you do your groundwork, you won’t enter into a deal blindly. I intend to give you a thorough analysis of the company, its compensation plans, and the products to help you reach the right decision. Stay tuned to find out if the company is legit or fake.

D9 Clubes Review

What Is D9 Clube

I checked their website to glean more information about the company and the people who call the shots, but to my dismay and dissatisfaction, there wasn’t much. I found that their company’s website domain was registered in early 2016. I found out that the owners of the company are Santana Gouveia and Danilo Vunjao, both of them are based in Bahia, Brazil.

I went looking on Facebook to find out as much as possible about the owners.  Santana Gouveia introduces himself as the founder and CEO of the D9 Clube on his profile.  But when I looked further I found out that he also promoted another company, OneThor.

Let’s keep digging to unearth more, shall we?

D9 Clube Products

D9 Clube gives their members a subscription of & 280 per voucher that enables them to access their sports betting platform. There is a presentation link on their website that I clicked to find out more, but to my utter shock, the video was missing.

The thing that appalled me was the language setting.  I clicked on English as my language of choice, but I discovered that the man talking about the company was speaking in another language that I couldn’t understand.  I also found that D9 Clube has betting experts on their platform to help people get betting tips.

I also learned that part of D9 Clube’s marketing materials say that they give between 30% and 150% ROI’s to anyone who places their bets through Betfair, an independent betting platform.  That’s all I have to say for now about Clube9 Clube products. Now let us move on to the compensation plan.

D9 Clube Compensation plan

This is the compensation plan works: the company pays you whenever you sell your vouchers at a retail price. But whenever the affiliates sponsor other members they earn both a residual and a direct payment.

Pay-out of retail commission

Every affiliate is paid a commission (30%) whenever they sell a voucher to retail customers.  One voucher lasts for 52 weeks of uninterrupted access to the betting platform.


Affiliates are paid directly whenever they sponsor another member. The payments are based on the percentages of points that go with every package. For instance, an ordinary D9 Club member is worth 20 points, a bronze trader earns 85 points, while a silver trader gets 185 points and finally and gold trader gets 340 points.

However, the amount that one gets paid heavily depends on the affiliate package that they purchase. For instance, a no package purchase gets you a commission of 20%, a bronze trader earns a commission of 30%, and silver trader gets a commission of 40% while a gold trader gets a commission of 50%.

Residual income

Affiliates will get their residual income commissions via the unilevel compensation plan. For those who may not know this is how the unilevel plan looks like:

It looks like this: there are 3 levels that go from level 1, 2 and 3.  But there are 6 levels in total in the company’s Unilevel structure.  To break it down; a    bronze trader gets 5% at level I and  3% for level 2 and 3.   A silver trader, on the other hand, earns 5% at level 1 and 3% for levels 1 and 2 while level attracts a 2%. Finally, gold traders and affiliates earn 5% at level 1, at level 2 and 3 they earn 3%, 2% at level 4 and 1% on levels 5 and 6.  You may have noticed by now that level 1 commissions are paid plus a direct charge.

Binary commissions

Affiliates stand to gain from binary structure on top of Unilevel commissions.  That shows that you can earn from both. It is like having the left and the right leg of your revenue streams. You can build both legs through direct and indirect sponsored members.

The affiliate points are added up at the end of it all so that you can earn from a minor leg.  You will earn 10% points for no package purchase, 20% points of the bronze trader, 30% of matched points for the silver trader and finally 40% of points for the Gold trader.  The remaining points are rolled over.

Monthly membership fee payout

All affiliate members are to pay a monthly fee of $50 per month.  They are paid on this monthly fee through their compensation plan through the 6 levels.  At the Bronze level, you will get at least 10% at level 1 and 7%   at levels 2 and 3.   Silver traders will get 10% at level 1, 7%   for levels 2 and 3 and level 4 earns you 6%. Finally, Gold Trader earn 10% at level 1, 7% for levels 2 and 3, 6% on levels 4 and 5 and 6% at level 6.

 Affiliate package ROI

Affiliate packages will give you a weekly 15% ROI for D9 Clube members.    Bronze trader earn $12.75 per week, Silver trader earns $27.75 per week, and Gold trader affiliates earn $51 per week while Gold trader plus affiliates earn $170 per week.  The affiliate packages will pay you for 52 weeks after that you will have to buy another D9 Clube affiliate package.

Career plan payouts

When you reach a certain number of points that are attained through the weaker leg, you will earn milestone bonuses.

Joining Cost

The affiliate membership earns you around $50 per month.  People can earn bigger amounts due to their compensation plan and are paid through ROI. Such people need to buy various affiliate packages on offer.

D9 Clube Review Verdict

From our observation and analysis, D9 Clube is pretty good.  It has a steady customer base and retail products. But their weak point started when they went into ROI business.  We are not sure how they are raising ROI through their betting platform.  There is no way anyone can do that.  For those who want to join company ask your upline to show you their screen shots of how consistent their ROI is doing.

Because we learned that those who are taking affiliate packages are paying off existing members by getting new members.  I stand to be corrected.     We also discovered that they have some regulatory issues to sort out such getting proper registration before offering securities. I don’t believe that money generated from bets paying for ROI. I would urge caution here.  Let me know if you have if you have any questions any other thing about the analysis.

I hope you enjoyed my D9 Clube Review and if you have any questions leave them in the comments below…

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