ClickFair Review – Legit PTC Program or Big SCAM?

Welcome to my blog! You are here because you want to learn more about this “Paid-to-Click” program and want to make sure it’s legit.

In this ClickFair review, I am going to reveal everything and put some rumors to rest.

Make sure you pay attention as you read the words on this blog post and that you read it to the end.  This could save a lot of headaches later on…

Clickfair Review – The Company



If you didn’t know this already, but Clickfair is a Paid to click program that launched February 28th 2013…

The company is owned and managed by 99 Ventures LTD and it owns Rewards Ways, SuperPay and Offer Nation.

As a member of ClickFair, you can earn money by viewing advertisements and completing sign up offers.  Plus, you can earn coins at the OfferWalls and Prize Page game.

The good thing about these coins is they can be later converted into cash.  There is no limits to amount of people you can refer into this program and you can earn commissions from their activities as well.

Let’s take a look at the things we like about this program…

ClickFair – The Good Stuff About This PTC

Paying – They have been paying which is always good.  The payments are actually processed daily and overall really quick.   It could be as quick as just a few hours.

Unlimited Referral Program – Just like the title says, you can refer as many people as you want in your ClickFair downline and is a good opportunity who are good at affiliate marketing.  The bigger you downline, the bigger your paycheck.

You earn 20% of every click your downline members make on mini, micro and fixed ad exposures.

WorldWide Free Service – Some PTC’s have restrictions, but not CLickFair.  Any member from any country can join this program and can earn money.  You do not have to purchase any upgrades to actually recieve payments which is always a good thing.

Forum – ALL PTC sites should have them because it builds a community of members.  They can share their personal experience or ask questions if one arises.

Now, let’s take a look what what sucks about this program….

ClickFair – The Sucky Thing About This PTC

I know I said sucky, but it’s true… LOL.

Limited Ads – The number of ads lately have decreased to the point where many members don’t get any.  This site is totally depends on advertisers and for some reason, no one is advertising!

That’s the downside to a “REAL” Paid-to-Click site where it focus’s on actual advertisers…

Slow Earnings – If you are a free member, there isn’t a lot of ads to click on.  Now it’s much better if you have referrals, but if you expect to take a while before you make the minimum $5.00 withdrawal (After the 5th withdrawal).

Personal Information is required – If you don’t provide accurate personal information for your withdrawal request, you my friend will get suspended.

Alright so what is the verdict?

Clickfair Review – The Conclusion

Overall, Clickfair isn’t a scam and is one of the better PTC programs out there.  However, free members will have issues earning money if you don’t have any downline members because of the lack of ads.

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If you are using Clickfair, please comment below and share with us your experience so far.  How much have you made as well!

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