Xplocial Review – legit Business Opportunity or Scam?

You came here because you want a 3rd party NON affiliate Xplocial review that won’t pull the rug under you.

Maybe you are ready to join this company, but just want to make sure if it’s the right business opportunity for you..

SO is Xplocial..

  • MLM business?
  • Or is it some push button auto-pilot income stream?
  • Can you make money with this business

Let’s find out the truth about Xplocial by putting some rumors to rest and find out some ‘insider” secrets that may..or will SHOCK YOU!

What is Xplocial

xplocial review

It all started in June 2012 when the CEO Larry Marcus launched Xplocial to the world from Melville, New York.

Now because this company is fairy new, the’re some risks involved..

what I am going to tell you next is the  reason you see a lot of “Xplocial scam” or “Xplocial complaints” out there…

Note:  This Xplocial review isn’t about bashing the company in anyway, I am just stating the truth.

MOST new MLM businesses fail in their first 5 years of operation.  This is not falsified or anything, it’s FACT.

Now should you judge a book by it’s cover?  NO!

I am not saying this company is going under and there is a big reason for that.

Larry Marcus,CEO of Xplocial, has an amazing track record in the past.  He has over 28 years of experience building Fortune 500, turnaround and start-up organizations.  In August 2013, Xplocial was in the top list for one of the fastest growing network marketing companies.

Xplocial Review – The Products

Depending on your budget, Xplocial has two different product levels.

At the Gold Membership plan, you have access to UNLIMITED number of all incentive certificates.

These incentive certificates include vacations, car rentals, air fares, shipping discounts and restaurant discounts.

The cost for this membership?  It will run you $29 PER month.

If you have a bigger budget, you can opt-in for the Platinum Membership plan.  This plan includes everything the Gold Membership does PLUS:  Cruises, Pharmacies, Movie Discounts, Gold discount and much more.

The cost for this membership?  $100 PER month.

Now here is what they don’t tell you..

When you first get started, there is an ADMIN fee of $19.95 for the Gold Membership, and $49.95 for the Platinum Membership.

I am just giving you the heads up.  On a positive note, there is NO additional up sells in the back.

Like I said, earlier, this is the MOST honest Xplocial review so I don’t hold anything back.

Xplocial Review – The Compensation Plan

This part of the company is VERY hyped up because Xplocial claims they pay 100% commissions.  This is where I am going to give you some ‘insider’ secrets the affiliate of Xplocial doesn’t want you to know about..

They DON’T pay 100% commissions and here is why.

You get paid for every 1,3,5,7 and on.

So your 2,4,6 sale gets passed up to your sponsor..

Now initially, this is kind of annoying only because you put your time and effort to bring people into the business or make sales.


In the long run when you build a big enough team, you will start getting those pass ups.

Overall, I would say it’s 80% commissions initially with the pass ups..

Which is still better than 99% of the MLM or Network Marketing companies out there that pay 5-20%.

Marketing Tools and Training

This is where this company does pretty well.  They provide with a huge list of marketing tools and training.

You will get:

  • Custom Email auto-responders.
  • Text messing and phone broad casting.
  • Unlimited lead capture pages to drive internet traffic to.
  • Industry specific templates
  • Lead management tools

And so on…

Now they provide with some decent tools, but..they don’t teach you one thing which is HOW to generate traffic so their marketing tools will actually work!

I will get back to his later.

Xplocial Reviews – Is it legit or a SCAM

After reading my Xplocial review, you should know by now that it’s NOT a scam.

It is a great business opportunity that has the potential to make money online.

I can only see this business being a problem for completely new comers that have NO internet marketing experience.


This is the REASON why most people will FAIL Xplocial

is this the companies fault?  Of course not.

You have to either learn how to become an internet marketer or you need to look for something that is completely newbie friendly.

So if you want to BECOME an internet market and learn all the inside secrets for you to be successful, CLICK HERE NOW!

Now for the people that just want something that requires:

  • No marketing skills
  • No Traffic or Lead generation
  • Just Copy’N Pasting
  • No website

What if I showed you a way to sell on eBay without having any inventory and make MASSIVE profits?

Here is a snap shot of my eBay account:

Xplocial Review


So I made $9111 in 7 days with profit margin of 40%.  Let’s do some simple math shall we?

Sales:  $9111 x 0.4 = $3644.40 in PURE profits in 1 week.  Not to bad for just copy and pasting!

And you know what, I will even help you with your FIRST item!


This is  the easiest business I EVER done in my entire life.  Click the link below and Copy and Paste exactly what I do on eBay.

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I promise you that you will NEVER find anything easier and you can make your first sale in the next 24 hours.

So overall Xplocial is a great company for the experience marketer, but for the complete newbie, I would definitely click the link below and watch a LIVE demo of the easiest business on the internet that WILL make you money..

Watch This Now

Please Share and Comment if you found value in this article.  I want to hear about some of the businesses you have done and want a change.

Bless and Be Blessed,

– Jesse Singh


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