DS Domination Review – Income Generator or a Scam?

What is DS Domination?

Main Site:  www.dsdomination.com

  • is it push button copy ‘n paste income generating software?
  • Or it’s just another MLM (Network Marketing) companyy or..an affiliate program?
  • is it easy to implement?

is “ds domination” created to completely replace your primary job ..or does it just go hand to hand with it? In this detailed review, why don’t we take a quick look and put some rumors to rest and possibly… just possibly finally find out the truth and behind the scenes “secrets” that most likely will SHOCK YOU!

The Founder:

Is a the brain child of Hitesh, Kevin and Jason, who have run successful businesses for the last 10 years.  Not only that, they brought in 11 successful ecommerce business owners to help with the training.  As a collective, they make over $20 million in sales a year!

And if you didn’t already knew, “DS” stands for Dropship.

In other words, it’s effectiveness is guaranteed that a 10 year old can do it.

DSD Review – Show me the Monies

How do you make money?

What is so special about this program compared to everything else on there on the internet?

Let’s dive in shall we?

DSD is a step by step video course that will teach you the most popular way that most of the top eBay sellers use in order to get products and sell them.

The method they use is dropshipping.. The name of the game is you will have an opportunity to buy products at a lower price and sell them on eBay for a profit.  The genius thing about this method is you NEVER hold any inventory and it’s all done online.  You don’t have to physically deal with the products. You just receive the money from the eBay buyer before hand and give the order to the supplier to ship to your customer. And… YOU keep all of the profits. DS-Domination-eBay-Drop-Ship

eBay Drop Shipping

is that really it?

It looks like a simple process, in a way, it really is, however you need to have a good knowledge about it in order to make some serious profits without any headaches.

This is where DSD comes into play.

With more customers buying and shopping on eBay and Amazon, there is a new opportunity for everyone to tap into with UNLIMITED potential.

Even the experts say eBay and Amazon customers will be increasing massively in the next few years.

If you want to tap into this promising market, you need put on your business hat on and equip yourself with all the right knowledge.

When you first sign up for DS Domination here for $20.00 per month, you will access to 19 training modules that take you by the hand step by step on how exactly you can make your first few sales on eBay with NO start up costs.


Roger has made this training VERY easy and simple to follow to make sure FAILURE is NOT an option

. DS Domination PRO Training Course

Elite Training ($99.95 per month)

Once you have gone through the entire Pro training, you will have the option to upgrade to Elite.

This is where you get access to 10 intense training modules on how you can leverage all kinds of websites to sell items on eBay.

The profit margins are a lot bigger compared to the Pro (Average profits:  $3-90 per item) where with Elite’s training, you will be making $100-200 PER sale.  In addition, you have access to a special software that makes your life a lot easier.

Is there more? Of course there is..

Unleashed ($249 One-time) and Monopoly ($499 One-time)

These are TWO very high quality and underground courses that many people don’t know about.

I don’t want to reveal too much, but lets just say once you go through the training course, you will learn exactly how to make money BUYING products and reduce all kinds of fee’s including even your Paypal Fee.

You will learn exactly how to leverage buying from Amazon for products that cost 50% LESS compared to eBay and sell them for a massive profit.  If done right, you will dominate the Amazon Market.

NEW TRAINING UPDATE: Genesis ($997 One-time) (Launched June 2014)

This is the latest product in the DSD line up where you use the power of Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) and just make a killing with it.  This teaches you to source out items from China and USA that you can get for 10 cents to $1 that are selling on Amazon for $30-$100.00

Genesis also includes an APP for your phone where you can scan bar-codes in any shopping mall and it will tell you EXACTLY how much the item is going for on Amazon.  It will even tell you how often it sells so if you find an item for $5 and it’s selling on Amazon for $30 and the app says it sells 20-30 times a day… Guess what your going to do?  BUY as many as you can and send them into Amazon.  What FBA does for you is package your items, ship out your items for you to your customers, handles returns and customer service.  All you have to worry about is keep up with the inventory!

Affiliate Marketing

For 75% of the DSD members, you will use the training courses and make an incredible amount of money if followed correctly just by drop shipping.

The amazing thing about this is if you failed affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, List building, blogging or any other kind of make money online methods, that’s perfectly okay!

The reason for that is you can use the training and actually make your first sale ever online and you can just stop at that.

Now for the marketers out there..

You have another option if you wish to take it, but it’s not necessary.

You can sign up here for their affiliate program where you can promote DSD and make a 50% commission on your first level sales.

The cost to being an affiliate is $9.95 per month which is a LOT lower than any other business opportunity I have ever seen.

They provide you with some good marketing tools to get you going, but I recommend getting some professional squeeze pages done.  The good news is, our team site which I will explain after provide you with over 20 high converting squeeze pages.  In fact, you DON’T even need a website.  We provide that for you.


Now that I have been in the company for 5 months, I can show you how powerful the affiliate side really is…

First let’s look at the compensation plan quickly.

DSD pays you 10 levels deep with NO pass ups.  You keep everything.

Level 1:  50% commissions (Your personally sponsored members)

Level 2: 10%

Level 3:  5%

Level 4:  4%

Level 5:  3%

Level 6:  2%

Level 7-10:  1%

I am going to show you my numbers.

PRO and ELITE are recurring payments which means when someone signs up under you, you will get 50% commissions every single month as long as your members are active.  The retention from to month to month is 80%.  Which is amazing!  Here are the numbers for all you affiliates out there…

For EVERY 20 PRO members ($19.95 per month X.50 = $10.00 per month x 20 members = $200 per month Residual.

10 will upgrade to Elite ($99.95 per month x .50 = $50 per month x 10 members = $500 per month in Residual.

5 will upgrade to Unleashed ($249.00 One-time x .50 = $125 One-Time x 5 = $625 One-Time For that month.

3 will upgrade to Monopoly ($499.00 One-Time x .50 = $250 One-Time x 3 =  $750 One-Time For That month.

2 Will upgrade to Genesis ($997.00 One-Time X .50 = $500 One-Time x 2 = $1000 One-Time For That month.

So your Total for that month would be $3075.00

You will have to trust my math this is my team average so far.

I do a lot of my marketing through blogging, solo ads and ppc.

By far the easiest way is SOLO ADS. When I drive about 100 clicks, our capture pages convert at 40-50% so we get 40-50 leads.  If you decide to join my team, I will give you the hottest solo ad vendors that I have used.  Now for every 40-50 leads, I get 4-5 sign ups over a period of a month at most.

You will also get my highest converting emails to follow up with (8 in total) for follow ups.

Here is my list size for DSD:

ds domination affiliate


The reason I am showing you this data is because I want to be completely transparent with you.. I have nothing to hide and these are my personal numbers.

Now, let’s log into my DS Domination back office and see how many people I have signed up…

ds domination affiliate members

Now let’s do some math here…

5938 leads = 824 Sign ups (Personal Sponsored)

Those 824 Sign up’s have brought me over $50,000 in affiliate commissions and growing fast every single month.  So let’s say it cost me $2 per lead, to grow a list size of 5938 would cost me around $12,000 so let’s minus that from my total commissions $50,000 – $12,000 = $38,000 in commissions net.

The truth is though $2 a lead is on the expensive side, I average about $1 per lead :)

Once you decide to join my team, you will get access to all my marketing tools and ad providers to help you build your business fast!  You will become a marketing king once I am done with you lol.  Click Here To Join My Team.

 My Personal DSD eBay drop shipping  Results

I am just going to focus on my eBay drop shipping results here by using the training course only.

This will show you if it really works instead of me just talking about it…

This is a snap shot of my eBay account:



Now you can see, I have made $7808 USD in the last 30 days in sales.

My average profit margin in my niche is 40%.

So when you do the math $7808 X.40 = $3123.20 USD Profit.

Not bad right?



My Sales Have Increased Almost 4 Times now!



So you can see after being in it for 4 months, it REALLY paid off!  Okay Back to the review:


There wasn’t a ton of effort involved doing it either.

Initially, I spent more time then I should listing items, but with practice and taking action everyday, I got better and better.

I got to the point where I was listing 20 items an hour and when I hit the 160 item area, I stopped.

All the sales from eBay are coming in on auto-pilot now and that is the truth.

You will have to put some effort in the beginning, but once you do, it gets VERY easy after.

There are many bias reviews out there on the internet, but all of them are just affiliates and not from people that use the products.


Unlike many people that review products or business opportunities, they never actually took it for a test drive themselves.

I believe that is VERY unethical and you should ONLY do a review if you actually took it for a spin and got results.

I personally took DSD for a spin and implemented exactly what it says in their training modules.

I took action and went through the modules and applied what I was learning at the same time.

I took action and listed 160 items that are profitable using the DSD training and got really great results..

Now the question is..

Are you going to decide to take action or you just want this business opportunity to slip you by?

Are you going to take action and implement this training to profit you for the rest of your life?

Are you going to take action and finally make your FIRST sale ever online.

I promise one thing, if you decide and take action now and join DS Domination here, you WILL get great results.

Another added bonus I will personally give you is my PERSONAL techniques on how to make money drop shipping

on eBay.

I have already got great results and I would like you to succeed as well.

TEAM BONUS –  I provide ADDITIONAL FREE training on OUR own Team site which will give you even MORE tools you can use to kick start your business ($4997 Value). You will have FULL access to our $997 training for FREE once you click this link below and join our team!

We provide you with your OWN website with your DS Domination affiliate link attached to it!

Let me Eloberate on our TEAM website, I am going to warn you it WILL blow your mind lol.

Exclusive Team Bonuses

There are lot of people out there writing reviews offering some kind of bonuses.  

First of all, most of them NEVER even used the training at ALL.

I am talking about their drop shipping course.  I have eBay accounts one with over 1000 feedback that is active as we speak making sales daily.

So why would you join someone who doesn’t even use DS Domination and just trying to get a quick sign up?

I have different intentions for you..

I want you to SUCCEED and that is why I have made our OWN team site with a marketing system build into it.

Here are some of the features of our site:

ds domination, ds domination review, ds domination scam

Custom Team Squeeze Pages

ds domination

All of our Team squeeze pages convert at 60% or higher.  You will convert traffic into leads FAST.

This is for all of the people that want to promote DSD easily and effectively.

For the people that just want to make money on eBay, we have ADDITIONAL training with the latest tips to make you massive profits on eBay.

Everything on our TEAM has easy to follow step by step instructions on how to set everything up, so don’t worry about a thing.

Not only that, we have our exclusive Facebook Group that provide you an amazing community where we help all of our team members and even share great ideas to to profit from DS Domination in many other avenues.

You can see how this kind of website and service can cost $4997?

This is ALL free for our team members, so go ahead right now and get STARTED NOW!

Once you join our team by clicking the GREEN button below, I will personally send you an welcome email with YOUR personal link to our team site.

DS-Domination Join Now


Bless and Be Blessed,

ds domination

-Jesse Singh

PS – Make sure to LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE this post. How can I best help you produce the results you are looking for?


  1. Terry says

    Hi Jesse,

    Thanks for your review on DSD.
    I am quite keen to take up this program, but to be honest, here are so many people who have been reviewing DSD and offering some sort of benefits given to prospects. It is really difficult for me to whom I should follow.
    If you do not mind, your advice in the following would be greatly appreciated.

    1) You said you have been using the trainings only. Do you mean you are just a Pro member?

    2) Do you feel NOT necessary to join Elite and/or to purchase other upsells?
    Just a Pro member is enough, as long as we follow the trainings.
    I personally feel not comfortable in such high preceive-valued upsells, as I would
    not know how effective they are. What do you think?

    3) You recommended a Marketing System above. This system costs about $40/mon. If I used
    this system, do you think it NOT neccessary to purchase their upsells?

    4) Are you using Amazon only? they seem to use Wallmart, too. I am not residing in USA.
    Is there any handicap to pursue this program?

    5) I am indeed a beginner for internet marketing, of course ebay as well.
    Would it be ok to pursue it without any difficulties?

    Thanks for your advice in advance.


    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Terry,

      I will answer your questions as honest as possible so you know what you are getting into.

      1. When I said I have been using the training only means, I only used what DSD is teaching you
      to resell amazon products onto ebay for profits.

      This doesn’t include how to promote DSD.

      You can just use the training and make huge killings on eBay once you implement exactly what they are teaching you.

      2. Going Elite isn’t necessary, but the value and knowledge you get can make you an extra $2000-5000 per month
      once you implement the training and take action.

      3. The marketing system above is ONLY if you decide to promote DSD and become an affiliate. It isn’t necessary
      if you are going to use the training and do their drop shipping techniques.

      4. I use Amazon and I actually even use eBay. There are tons of sellers out there that don’t even word their
      products correctly. So I just make the title better with better keywords and sell the same product for MORE.

      5. As a beginner, their eBay dropship program is MUCH easier and you could possibly make your first sale with
      in 24 hours of listing. Remember, go through the training and take action. Most people that don’t get any
      results is people that don’t take action.

      List as many products as you can, I would aim for 15 a day for 30 days if you can. You will get faster and faster with

      Now for being an affiliate with DSD, it’s not difficult to promote. I would use the marketing system I use for the squeeze pages.

      Because as an internet marketer, you need to collect emails (leads) and follow up with them through some kind of auto-responder.

      The marketing system I mention gets you covered with the landing pages (Very high converting). For every 100 people who click on my
      links, 70% actually leave their email address.

      Terry, this is a very easy program compared to anything else out there. You don’t have to go hardcore even promoting DSD,
      I would first go through the pro and elite training, list items and make money. After that, I would invest some of the
      profits into marketing DSD. It’s a lot easier that way.

      If you need help promoting DSD, once you go ahead and sign up with me, I can show you additional strategies I use.

      For FAST results.

      I hope that helps Terry.

      • Terry says

        Thanks a lot Jesse for your detailed advice.
        Can I understand the following cost?
        Pro = $19.95 per month
        Elite = $99.00 per month
        Affiliate = $9.95 per month

        In total = about $130 per month
        To me, it is a lot for monthly payment.
        If I can earn more than that on a monthly basis,
        I can invest into it.
        If it could be ok, can I go first with Pro and Affiliate?

        You said you have the team site. Is it a marketing site I can use?
        The training will not provide Marketing tools?

        Thanks for your advice again.

        Have a Merry X’mas


        • Jesse Singh says

          Hey Terry,

          To be honest, whatever makes you feel more comfortable.

          If you want to go with the Pro system and become an affiliate,

          That is perfectly fine.

          Once you make some money, you can always upgrade in the future.

          My main goal is for you to start to make money from DS domination, so what I will
          do is once you sign up with the pro level $19.95 and become an affiliate at $9.95,
          I will give you access to our team site which will give you about $997 worth of
          FREE training.

          This training is exclusive to my team only.

          Why am I giving it for free?

          Like I said, I want you to be successful. Many people tell you to join them
          to make a quick sale and never support their team members.

          I see things differently. I believe my job IS to lift as many team members
          off the floor and direct them to prosperity.

          You will get your own login and password for our exclusive team site which
          you won’t find anywhere else because I am one of the founders of it :)

          I hope that helps Terry and merry Christmas


          • Terry says

            Hi Jesse,,,,
            Very Happy New Year !!!
            Hope your 2014 become most fruitful and prosperous year for you.

            I will sign up under you as a new year resolution. hahahah,,, can I have your link please.

            One question again,
            I found Autoresponder set-up in the feature above. Would it be ok for me to use any autoresponder?


          • Jesse Singh says

            Happy New Year Terry!

            I hope 2014 will be your year where you breakthrough and find
            the abundance you are seeking for.

            You can use GetResponse and Aweber combined with our team site.

            There will be an option to put your list name in there too so all
            our squeeze pages will have YOUR affiliate link on it.

            Here is the sign up page: Join Here

          • hotmetropolis says

            So what exactly does YOUR training consist of? There seems to be an enormous number of people promoting DSD online. That’s a lot of noise. I hate personal recruiting, talking to friends and family, etc. I need a step-by-step start-to-finish approach.

            Hot Metro Media Group

          • Jesse Singh says

            Enormous number of people promoting DSD?

            Not even CLOSE lol.

            Out of my personally sponsored 250 people now, only 50 of them are promoting it
            the rest use the training and buy the products to sell on eBay.

            I am an expert on generating leads online, so what I did was build a team site
            where you get capture pages, lead management, your own blog and additional affiliate training
            for free when you join me.

            I hate personal recruiting too and I hate the phones as well lol.

            This is a step by step approach :)


          • Jesse Singh says

            Hey Michael,

            I’m on Facebook where I help my 3000 members with questions.

            Actually, my group is amazing and help each other out.

            I am easily reachable on Facebook and my email address.

            I hope that helps, just join our team, I am very easy to get a hold of.


      • sanjeev says

        Hello Jese Singh.i m sanjeev from punjab india.i found on searching that u bought dsd program. I want ur help.pz tell me how to pay them.i tried 4 different debit card but transaction declined.i dont have credit card but they send me support mail that they accept debit card too.i dont know how to pay from india. Plz tel me how u paid ds domination paymet .through which card so that I can apply in bank..plz tell mein my mail thanks …

        • Jesse Singh says

          Hey Sanjeev,

          Welcome to my site :)

          You will have to apply for a VISA card which I know you can
          get in India and you will be good from there :)

      • Stuart says

        Hi Jesse…please advise if you are currently still working the DS Domination opportunity and your link.

        Thank you.

      • gayla lawson says

        I like how you explain everything other sponsor sites are not that informative. I am going to join your team soon but my goal is to learn the basics of how to list and sell, than help other people as you are doing to do affiliate marketing and become elite.
        Thanks again and I will be looking forward to working with you in the New Year 2015!!
        gayla lawson

    • Jesse Singh says

      Almost forgot, you don’t have to be a US resident. You can use it in any country because what you
      do it just use your billing information, but you can change the shipping address to anything you want.

      You will learn more about this in the DSD training videos and webinars.

      You might have a ton of questions, but once you go through the training, you will be ready to go.

      • Terry says

        Hi Jesse,
        Just let you know that I am in now ( Pro and Affiliate ) with thanks.
        I will follow the steps.

        • Jesse Singh says

          Hey Terry,

          Congrats my friend!

          I just sent you an email to our team site.

          Follow every step to the “T”.

          And, join our facebook group (It’s in our team site).

          I can’t wait to get you going :)

          This is your year to shine.

          • Terry says

            Thanks a lot Jesse.
            I am not so good at so-called technology, so I would appreciate your continued help and guidance.

          • Jesse Singh says

            Hey Terry,

            As long as you can write an email and copy and paste,

            That’s about it really.

            And yes I am here for you.

      • Jamael Reed says

        HI Jesse, I just wanted to say , that your review about DS DOMINATION is hands down the best one i’ve seen yet.. I like how you point out that people tend to make reviews about DS DOMination when they have never tested driven it themselves.. I was once a member of DS DOMINATION and was completely shocked at how successful you can be if you actually use what they teach you you.. Now what caused me to cancel my membership was that i was so in a hurry to make my first sale i watched most of the training modules, up until the point where i thought i had it all figured out. I went on ebay, started listing items and by midnight that same day, i made my first sale, and the next morning i woke up i had 4 items sold.. I was shocked.. Now heres what got me.. i looked at my paypal account saw the money from the sales, shipped the customers items out and i got a message through ebay saying i had fees to pay… that was a total bummer for me because all of my profit i made, i had to pay back to ebay.. so actually it was money coming out of my pocket to help pay fees.. So i got back on the traing and watched the rest of the training and there it was, there were actually training vids showing which items not to sell and how to calculate the fees.. Bt what i’m trying to say is that, i didnt have to watch all the videos in order for me to make my first sale.. thats how good ds domination is… Now if i would have watched all the videos i would have made a huge profit on those items if only knew the right way to do it.. I personally love ds domination and after reading this review, Im going to re join under you Jesse.. Thanks for re opening my eyes on DS Domination..

        • Jesse Singh says


          I really appreciate your comment it means a lot to me.

          A lot of people out there deceive people to join them and I believe
          it’s just morally wrong.

          I am actually a Powerseller Top Rated on eBay with 100% Feedback.

          I have two accounts, one with 1104 feedback and the other with 400.

          So I have made a lot of money through drop shipping through eBay. Now
          when people join me, I actually share most of my strategies for them to
          be successful.

          I go by one code. If I am having a ton of success, I better be bringing people
          with me.

          Success feels so much better when other people are succeeding.

          Jamael, when you do decide to join, I am going to give you the link
          to our team site that will supercharge your results. Even at the pro
          level, you will be getting training worth I believe in the thousands.

          Thank you Jamael for your kind words, it made my day :)

        • Jesse Singh says

          Hey Jamael,

          I just want to congratulate you for joining our exclusive team!

          I sent you the link to our exclusive team website and Facebook Group.

          This is going to be your year my friend, lets do this :)

        • Tony Bonatesta says

          Hi Jesse

          I joined DSD under you back in Jan but was not able to access the training modules sent you an email about same no reply,
          I’m very interested in getting started can you assist?


          • says

            Hey Tony,

            I actually did sent you a welcome email with
            all the team bonuses, maybe it went to your spam
            box. I will re-send it to you with your current
            email you used in this blog post.

      • sherry says

        I am already a DS Domination member but have not heard anything from my sponsor about any further training or a team FB page. Can I join your team?

        • Jesse Singh says

          Hey Sherry,

          You will have to cancel your membership with your sponsor
          and then rejoin my team by clicking any of the links.

          Only I offer a team website and Facebook group :)

        • says

          Hey my friend,

          Yes, it works in India, in fact, I have many people on
          my team from there who are making money :)

          Whenever you are ready to go click the link below and join my
          team. You can talk to my India members in my Facebook group
          now at 7500 people :)

          ==> Click Here To Join Jesse

          – Jesse Singh

    • Jesse Singh says

      Another thing I forgot, we have our OWN team site which gives you about $1000 worth of training for FREE. This is only exclusive with me because I helped design it :)

  2. David N says

    Great review! I have one concern before joining. I heard paypal holds the funds until a positive review is given from the buyer. Therefore you must purchase the item first and then you receive your funds. Am I wrong?

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey David,

      Paypal does not hold your funds until positive review is given. You get the funds instantly when the buyer pays and goes into your
      paypal account. You can from there transfer the funds to your bank account which takes about 1-4 days at most.

      Lets say a buyer bought a couch off of you for $500. The buyer makes the paypal payment and instantly the $500 is in your paypal account.

      From there, you can use the funds to purchase the product at a lower price which we will show you in the training.

      I sometimes even sell products on eBay by getting them from another eBay seller. It’s not the lowerest price that gets you the sale,
      it’s the title keywords you use and we show exactly how to do so in our training.

      I bought an HDMI cable from a seller on eBay for $7 USD and sold that same cable for $20.00 USD by using better keywords.

      I hope that helps David :)


      • Leslie B. says

        Hi, I believe that Paypal does hold funds for a specific period of time (according to the tracking number) on new Ebay/Paypal accounts. Once your history of timely shipping and lack of opened cases is proven, they will release the funds. It is very important to attach the tracking number from Amazon into Ebay shipping for the item.

        I am very interested in this program. I have 16,000+ feedback on Ebay and my current product line is drying up. I have been looking into dropshipping, but it is hard to know who to trust.

        Thank you for the info!


        • Jesse Singh says

          Hey Leslie,

          You are right, it is very hard who to trust. Just to make you feel better,
          I actually have an eBay account with powerseller and top rated status which does just
          over $20,000 in sales every month.

          So if you give me 90 days to help you with DS Domination, I can get your eBay account
          going again. Plus, you will have access to my team website and Facebook group for
          extra support.

          Now I know you might be a little skeptical, but when you see all the evidence of people
          on my team making sales daily, I am sure you will be ready to make money with us :)

          I hope that helps Leslie!


          • Jess says

            This whole system is very interesting to me, though I’ve only stumbled across it recently. I’d like to believe there are systems out there which are not scams, all though, with you offering membership into your own group I cannot help but wonder: what’s the cost? Or the requirements? Surely a person has to meet a standard to be eligible for this?

          • Jesse Singh says


            You get my team website with all the marketing tools and training for FREE
            by joining my team at the DS Domination PRO level which is $19.95 per month.

            I want my team members to succeed right away.

      • jane Dunford says

        Hi actually if you are a new account – paypal will hold your funds for up to 21 days – this has just happened to me and its very distressing! If you then have to buy a product of someone else – youre screwed! Any suggestions?

        • says


          Yes, you can list eBooks, Recipes, you can go to the store and purchase cheap items and list them on eBay.

          You can list things around the house you don’t need.

          Paypal holds your funds for a maximum of 21 days, however, once you provide a tracking number, it’s 3-5 days.

          Once you have some seller feedback and you have been selling for a few months, you will be out of this holding period.

  3. Tonya Short says

    Hi Jesse,

    I am ready to get started with this but wanted to address the comment about ebay holding your funds until you have a positive review. This is absolutely true as my husband sold his guitar at Christmas and it was his first ever sell. He sold it on Dec 23 and we won’t be able to access the funds until Jan 6. I can see this as a potential issue. Thanks and looking forward to speaking with you on a phone call.


    • Jesse Singh says


      eBay never holds your funds. Do you have a paypal account linked to your bank account? I been selling on eBay since 2004 and you get the funds in your paypal account right away. To get your paypal funds to your bank account takes about 1-3 days as long as you are verified. The way Paypal verifies your account is they put two small deposits in your bank account and you just tell paypal the amount.

      I hope that helps!

      Plus, I have training on how to find products on eBay from big sellers to sell them for a profit as well. That has NO payment delay.

      • Danielle says

        I am a seller on ebay as well & they do hold funds on paypal until you have met the 3 requirements. 1) 90 days since your first sale. 2) have more than 25 sales. 3) made more than %250 on sales. Once you have met these requirements the funds are automatically available. Without meeting these requirements, there will be a hold on the funds until 3 days after the buyer receives the products. In some instance you can contact paypal to see if they will release the funds, they do it as a courtesy sometimes. Also when your funds are avaliable, instead of waiting on the bank transfer, they have paypal business debit cards you get, this way once the funds in your ebay account are avaliable, you dont have to worry about the hassle of waiting 3-5 days for bank transfer. With the debit card, the funds are right on your card for immediate use & you can do withdrawls from the atm.

        • Jesse Singh says

          Hey Danielle,

          You are correct, but if you provide a tracking number
          Paypal releases your funds earlier.

          Once you get going in DS Domination, 25 sales and $250 is VERY
          easy to do.

          Thank you for the insight, much appreciated :)

        • Jesse Singh says

          Hey Fred,

          It’s very simple, you just go into your back office and there is a cancel subscription link.

          Once you click the link, you fill in the info and you will get an email confirmation that you terminated your subscription.

          Once you do, you will not longer be charged. You can still log into DS Domination, but all of the training material won’t be
          there anymore.

          If there is something you are having a problem with, I am always here to help. I am on Facebook and I check my emails by the hour.

          I hope that helps Fred.

  4. ChrisM says

    Hi Jesse –

    This is a good resource, thank you.

    I’m looking at joining DSD. So that I can set my expectations, what would you see as the most time consuming (i.e. least profitable) step to the process?


    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Chris,

      Personally the most time consuming part initially is listing the item with the right keywords
      on eBay. Now, obviously the more you do it, the faster you will get. I can’t say it’s the least
      profitable because items can take a few days to a week to sell.

      The name of the game is list as many as you can. Treat it like a real business and put some effort into it.

      You will start seeing sales daily. I would make goals on how many you are going to list a day.

      Remember, the more you list on eBay, the more money you will make daily.

      I been selling on eBay part-time since 2004 and did very well. I found my niche and stuck with it.

      What I learned in DS Domination just took me to the next level, I tapped into niches that I never thought
      would have been profitable.

      Go through the training step by step and take action right away. The more you do, the better you will get, the more
      income you will make.

      I hope that helps Chris.

  5. ChrisM says

    Hi again Jesse –

    Forgot to ask… Do you have anyone in your downline running DSD in the UK? I’m especially interested in whether DSD is compliant with ebay (UK) / Amazon (UK) terms of service, and how they handle VAT. (I would be running this under a VAT registered business).


    • Jesse Singh says

      I don’t personally know anyone in the UK, but eBay and Amazon have the same terms and conditions everywhere.

      You can register your business under vat, but remember, you can’t register your business as DS Domination,
      It has to be unique to you. DS Domination already exists (I hope that makes sense)

      Right now, I have a solo proprietorship business setup under my name. This gives me the ability to write off any taxes, expenses that are eligible. I would speak with an accountant to see what things you can write off and get some taxes back by running a business like this.

      I hope that helps,


      By the way if you didn’t know, you can use eBay US and Amazon US even though you are located in the UK.

      Your billing info can be different than the shipping.

      I am from Canada, but I do 90% of my business in the United States. I get sellers in the US to ship to my customers in the US.

      • ChrisM says

        Thanks Jesse. The info about using out of country sites is helpful.

        Not quite what I meant on VAT. I mean, I already have an incorporated business which is already registered for VAT (something like your GST / HST) – I will use this entity to conduct DSD business. I’ll take up the discussion with my accountant, but would still be grateful to hear from UK based DSD members to compare notes.


        • Jesse Singh says

          I have a few DSD members from the UK, but they have had no prior business experience in the past.

          So they won’t be much help when it comes to your incorporated business questions.

          Well I know in Canada, you can conduct any business with an incorporated business and in
          the terms and conditions of DSD, it doesn’t say anything about NOT allowing having an incorporated business entity running

          You are definitely allowed and doesn’t preach any conditions. I would ask your account how you can
          take advantage of the tax savings you will get by running a business like this.

          In my team site, I already have all of this information (Canadian/US tax) stuff ready to go.

          I just updated my blog recently so you can see what’s in the members area on my team website.

  6. Tasha says

    I am a single mother of five. Newly divorced and I saw an ad on Craigslist for this. I am always very skeptical about these types of things……I grew up an amway kid and can’t stand pyramid schemes. My question is are we given ideas as to what to sell on eBay. The market is so saturated that it’s very hard to find something to sell that someone has not already thought of. If this is legit I have no problem putting in the work to make money but I want to make sure my hard earned money is not going to a scam. Thanks ahead of time for your response and happy new year!

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Tasha,

      I hope all is well,

      Network marketing is a tough gig to follow because the name of the game
      there is to recruit as many people as you can.

      Sure people do well, but many fail.

      This is FAR from a network marketing business because you don’t have
      to recruit ANYONE.

      Just follow the easy to follow training that gives you the best niches to
      go after on eBay.

      The market is FAR from saturation and there are tons of times where
      I sold the same item other people sell for MUCH higher but with
      the right keywords in the title (Which you will be taught to do).

      I even used eBay sellers for my drop shipping lol.

      You will learn all of this plus much more on my exclusive team site
      where I go into more advanced training for free.

      DS Domination already gives you amazing training, I just kicked it up
      a notch for my team members only.

      You will get your own login and password for my site.

      Not only that, you will have access to our Facebook group
      where we have built an amazing community of people helping
      each other.

      Tasha, I believe you will do great.

      No recruiting
      No home parties
      No cold calling
      NO bothering friends and family.

      It’s just you and your computer and that’s it.

      Happy New Year Tasha :)

      • Kelly Sandland says

        Hi Jesse,

        I really like how you are answering all of these questions. I’ve been thinking of joining for about 3 weeks now and still doing research. I have a couple of more questions I hope you can help me with.
        1. Can I start without an incorporated business?
        2. I’ve come across several times where paypal does hold your money until the customer receives their product which means I would have to front it temporarily, I’ve read they only do this for the first 90 days of you selling…..what info can you give me on this?
        3. Is the leader I sign up under an important detail? I ask because I have been speaking with someone although I don’t know if they are the right one for me.
        4. After I make a profit of $600 do I need to start paying taxes or is this info in the training?

        I will start there and thank you in advance for your answers & advice!

        • Jesse Singh says

          Hey Kelly,

          Unlike most reviews out there, mine comes from the heart.

          I want people to join me knowing what they are getting into
          and I will do my best to support them. That’s why I made a team
          site and Facebook group as well that no one else offers.

          I will answer your questions to the best of my knowledge.

          1. Yes, you can start this business without incorporate. I have been doing
          business since 2004 and I never incorporated, that is totally up to you.
          The only thing you would benefit from is if you “Corporated” your business, but
          it’s only beneficial once you start making over $200,000 (They get better tax breaks).

          2. Paypal does hold your money (When you have a new account), but there is away around it.
          Once you provide a tracking number, paypal releases the funds. They just want proof
          you sent it. So this isn’t a problem really. Some people just overly freak out about it,
          but that’s okay. Another thing you can do is just list items that are cheaper depending
          on your budget. Remember, this should be a long term plan, not a short term one.

          With in 12 months, if you are consistent and follow our team training and DS Domination training,
          you will get the results you deserve.

          3. The leader you sign up under is VERY important. Like I said in my post, a lot of people just
          become an affiliate and their main goal is just to sign people up. Most of them have NO clue
          on how DS Domination even works because they haven’t even done any of the training.

          I am personally running a very successful eBay drop ship business as we speak and I built a team
          website which will have YOUR affiliate link to it. When people join you let’s say, you can
          offer them our team site. You see how important it is now to join the right person?

          4. DS Domination doesn’t go through much detail on taxes, but on my team website, we explain it in full
          detail. Yes you will have to pay taxes on $600 or more, but we show you the things you can write off as
          expenses as well.

          Kelly, I hope that helps. If you are ready to join, click any of the link on the blog post. Once you join
          my team, I will send you a link to our team website which has about $997 worth of TOOLS and training to kick
          start your DS Domination business. We even give you your own website to promote DS Domination with 12
          unique landing pages and your own blog.

          Now that’s only if you want to promote it, but if you just want to drop ship through eBay, that is perfectly fine.

          We offer additional eBay training that DS Domination doesn’t cover on our team site.

          I hope that helps Kelly.

          Thank you for visiting :)

  7. Tushar Biswas says

    Hi Jesse,
    I am from India and I want to join (pro) dsd in your team. Last week I tried under Chris &Xiomara Groves but my transaction failed with some error. On enquiry, they said ‘sorry’it won’t work for India. I got a paypal account also. Now, can I join in your dsd team with same email? Another question- is it require a fund to pay for shipping? If so, minimum how much till getting profits?

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Tushar,

      You will have to use a different email address to join
      our team is DSD.

      I am not sure what you mean by paying for shipping, but
      you can make profits on your first sale on eBay to be honest.

      I personally make sales every single daily ranging from $200-$500 profit.

      You will learn these techiques inside of DS Domination, and our DS Domination
      team website will just supercharge your results with even more training
      not found in DS Domination.

      I hope that helps, please note because I made $200-$500 daily doesn’t mean everyone
      will, it will all depend on your work ethics, but if you are completely new, I believe
      you can get to that point in 5-6 months of consistent effort.

      Remember, treat this like a long term business and you will get great results.

      People give up too early, I would give something at LEAST 6 months.

  8. Jesse Singh says

    Hey Derek,

    How are you doing?

    I will do my best to get your nerves out of the way :)

    Feedback isn’t really an issue because buyers on eBay know
    they are protected by their customer protection. So I wouldn’t worry about that
    plus, I just opened a third eBay account which started off with zero feedback
    and I am making sales in that account as well.

    To list products on eBay is free as long as you don’t use their promotional
    things like “Gallery plus”, “HIghlight listing” etc.

    So if you just simply list the item, there is zero fee’s so you don’t have to
    worry about paying up front. eBay only charges you a final value fee once
    you make a sale which is okay right. If you are making sales, you are making money.

    So you don’t pay for posting if you don’t use their promotional tools, you only pay
    the final value fee once you sell an item.

    I hope that helps.

    I had a fantastic new year what about you?

    • Derek says

      It was great. Thank you for all your help answering questions with the quickness. lol… I will go and sign up today so I can review all the information and get going. Wish me luck on finding the right items to sell.

      • Jesse Singh says


        Welcome to our team, I see you signed up. I just sent you the link to our team site.

        And, you don’t need luck my friend, your going to do great.

        You have access to my personal email for any questions.

        Thank you and lets make this happen :)

  9. Nicky says

    Hi Jesse, Could you answer a couple of queries please….

    I did a lot of dropshipping on Ebay a few years ago resulting in being a top rated seller, but my biggest problem was,Dropshippers constantly letting me down, ie running out of stock (and not telling you),not sending items,Sending wrong items and this is out of your control totally…..?

    Also,How do you get around buyers knowing it has come from Amazon when they clearly bought from Ebay…?( i for one was not happy when i purchased from ebay and my item clearly came from Amazon)

    Also, how do you get around the invoice being sent with the package as not every item on Amazon is legible for gift option….?

    Does Amazon not get suspicious when you constantly are putting in numerous different delivery addresses?

    Many Thanks

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Nicky,

      I will answer your question as best as I can.

      1. I have been on eBay since 2004 and I can only remember maybe 8 times where
      my drop shipper sent the incorrect item.

      When they did, we just simply had the buyer send it back for an exchange.

      I have sold thousands of items and it just rarely happens. The key is to have
      great customer service. If you are very nice and kind to your customer,
      they are NEVER a problem and are very understanding.

      A lot of sellers out there treat their buyers like crap, they don’t care.

      So just by communicating to your customers in a kind and grateful way will
      put you a head and if you do make a mistake, they are very forgiving.

      Second question, customers knowing it’s from Amazon.

      For getting around the packaging you can’t. I know you are upset
      you got an item from Amazon when you bought it from eBay, but
      99% of the buyers just don’t care to be honest.

      As long as the item you sent is as described, the customers are

      I never had ONE customer to tell me “Hey what the heck, you got this from Amazon”.

      Not one and I sold hundreds from Amazon. Don’t worry about that at all.

      Now you said how to get around the invoice being sent.

      It’s very easy, if you can’t get it marked as a gift, you just contact the seller
      on Amazon and tell them to NOT to invoice the order as it’s a gift.

      Not one seller told me (I can’t do that). They all just say “Not a problem”.

      your third question, does Amazon get suspicious?

      The answer is NOPE. As long as they are making money from you placing orders,
      they have no problem with it. They welcome drop shipping in fact.

      If they didn’t, they wouldn’t allow your billing address to be different than
      the shipping address.

      You know what I mean?

      Plus, Amazon isn’t the only place I get items from, I reveal some other BETTER
      sources in my team website :)

      I hope that helps Nicky,

      Bless and Be Blessed,

      Jesse Singh

  10. Maria says

    Hi Jesse

    I heard about DSD last night and I’ve been researching it all day.

    You’ve answered almost all my questions in your post, but I still have a few.

    How exactly do you handle returns?
    If you are drop shipping from Amazon, do they go back to Amazon?
    If they go back to Amazon (as an example) how do you deal with exchange or returns?

    At what level can I start if I’m interested in learning more?
    If I decide to get more training can I elect another level?

    Beside the enrollment cost what other cost would I expect to incur in posting, shipping, exchange, advertising

    Can you explain the benefits of enrolling more people under me?

    I did Amway before and was taken for a lot of money? I would like to try this, but Amway was so bad
    that I do not ever want to recruit others to join, I hate MLM.

    Would you say that the DSD is an MLM, if not what would you say it is?

    I need to make money not lose money.

    Thank You

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Maria,

      The biggest thing that will determine your success is your sponsor.

      I only have the best intentions for you and everyone that joins me
      because I am getting tired of selfish people that want to make
      a quick sign up without helping their team mates.

      1. How exactly do you handle returns.

      If you use Amazon, it is done through Amazon. They have a very
      good return policy.

      Lets say a customer wants to return something, you just log into
      amazon and follow their returning procedure. The customer than
      ships the item back to amazon. The customer then will provide you
      with a tracking number which you give to amazon.

      Once amazon get the item, they will refund you. Then you refund
      your customer. It’s that simple.

      At what level can you start?

      You can start at the basic level which is called DS Domination PRO ($19.95/Month)
      which teaches you the foundations on how to sell on eBay.

      After that if you want to learn more which I highly recommend, you can upgrade
      to the ELITE ($99/month), Unleashed ($249 one time payment) and Monopoly ($499 one time).

      You have to treat their levels like it’s a university degree in drop shipping with out
      being complicated. The trainings are VERY easy to follow and implement, and if you
      decide to join my team, you will have access to my TEAM website which provides marketing
      tools and additional training, plus my Facebook group and my personal email for more support.

      If you want to promote DS Domination, there is a $9.95 affiliate fee and they have to charge
      this because it’s law (DS Domination explains why once you join).

      Now if you want to enroll people on your team, you get 75% commissions for every person
      enrolls under you and this goes down 5 levels.

      Now this is completely optional, you can make a ton of money without enrolling anyone
      and this what makes DS Domination different from MLM businesses. In MLM businesses,
      you have to sell their over priced products and recruit people to make money.

      DS Domination, you just follow their training and list items on eBay and make a profit.

      SO being a DS Domination affiliate will just add to your profits that’s all.

      On my team website which is only avaliable to my team members only, I provide
      a FREE blog with 12 landing pages where people can leave their email address.

      My team website will be linked to YOUR affiliate link.

      So if you post your link lets say on facebook, and someone puts in their
      email address, you get the lead not me.

      I made it VERY simple and if you are still confused, don’t worry. My team
      site shows you step by step how to set up your affiliate account.

      I promise if you join me and implement the training, you WILL make money.

      Stick with DS Domination for 6 months and you will get massive results as long
      as you are taking action.

      If you want $997 worth of free training/marketing tools and goodies, you can
      join with THIS LINK HERE.

      When you do click that link, it will ask you to leave your email. Go ahead and do that.

      and NOTE, you will have access to that same page (It’s part of my team site).

  11. Nicholas says


    I just came across some information regarding DS Domination and am curious to know more about this opportunity.
    I’m not interested in recruiting anyone at all.

    I personally would like to make money from the product itself, rather than the affiliate side as I’ve been done that track before and prefer to stay well away from there.

    I have been doing some research online and it has came to my attention there are some questions about this program that really I need to know before I begin.

    In the videos it states that you wait for the payment to be made than you take the money from there and purchase it from amazon or whatever the supplier is, but there are also amazon fees and ebay fees and paypal fees?

    Also there is a holding period of 21 days for paypal so I don’t know how you can take the money from there and use it to pay for the product?

    Even with the technique of using the tracking number it still takes 3 days to release and that is after the product has been shipped meaning you have to buy the product out of your own pocket in the first place.

    I am also from Australia and will not be able to market it in the same ways as in the US, is it still a viable option?

    I am willing to give this a go only if it is right and everything seems right.

    I appreciate any feedback and information you can provide me.

    Thanks again.


    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Nicholas,

      There are no Amazon fee’s when you are purchasing items from them
      remember, we are not selling on amazon, we are buying from amazon.

      No fee’s.

      eBay charges final value fee’s only if the item sells. eBay lets
      you list items for free as long as they are fixed price. Paypal
      charges about 2.5-3% (It’s like any merchant account).

      Paypal holding fee’s for new people are always going to be there.

      It’s just to insure safety of the buyers. What you will have to
      do in the beginning is list items that are cheaper and work your
      way up. Once you hit the 90 day treshold, the paypal holding will
      be lifted.

      And by providing a tracking number, paypal releases your funds.

      Yes there is a slight delay, but you have to think of this long term.

      Give this your best shot for 6 months and you will get great results.

      I have so many people on my Facebook group making sales daily that
      were COMPLETE newbies.

      It’s a great feeling when I see tons of people on my team succeeding.

      Australia is a great market, and you can do really well in it.

      You can check items on Amazon.com.au and sell them on eBay of Australia.

      Same concept.

      I hope that helps,


  12. Nicky says

    Jesse, Thanks for your prompt reply to my concerns…You state above that you have landing pages set up for promotion, Do you have a auto responder follow up campaign series (Campaign code) that could be used in Aweber as a follow up to leads that have opted into the landing pages? Many Thanks

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Nicky,

      Yes, we do have a aweber campaign code you can use
      with high converting email messages.

      Our team site has a step by step video guide to
      get everything setup. It doesn’t take longer than 10
      minutes to be honest.

      When you use our landing pages, our website already
      has a lead management system where you can broadcast
      to your leads.

      But if you have aweber, you can just put your list name
      and thats it.

      I hope that helps.


  13. michelle says

    hi jesse

    i have just been approached with DSD but recently have been stung doing body by vi left with massive visa bill untold un paid hours running around calls print ink petrol etc has left me so flat feeling iv failed and a large visa bill to pay off +very sceptical about other things as a lot of the people who where doing vi are now post post posting on fb about DSD. I found folk started to tire of the challenge n ignored all posts lol i have 2 kids a mortgage and a job but need something to get me out of the hole im in im so scared of ploughing in as i was told about Vi its new its gonna be massive thought it couldnt fail now i see my up up up line is now looking at DSD seems its all over although in the group i was put on, on fb its saying only 6 week old. I would rather join with someone who really knows what they are doing and know im not going to get left stagnant in the water which i feel is what happened with vi. Just looking for some re assurance i suppose desperately seeking a way out of this hole lol advise on better listings too i believe and shown how to have a page like you have to pick up any new leads whom may wish to do the same.

    thanks Michelle

    • Jesse Singh says


      Being a parent myself, I know exactly how you feel.

      MLM’s are one of the hardest businesses if you are
      a complete newbie. That’s why 98% of the people fail.

      To make a MLM work, you have to put FULL time hours and
      that is the truth.

      The difference between DSD it doesn’t require you spending
      hundreds and hundreds of dollars to start. And it doesn’t
      require you to be on some kind of an auto ship.

      Unlike so many people out there, I not only promote DS Domination,
      but I actually USE their training and have my own eBay accounts
      that are making me over $10,000 in sales every month.

      In my last 7 days, I generated $3000 in sales on eBay using
      DSD training.

      So I know what I am doing :)

      Not only that, my Facebook group already has over 3000 members
      with ALL of them making sales. This does work, but you need
      the right person to guide you.

      I am here to help you and that’s what I give all my team members
      access to our special team site with MORE training and marketing tools.

      Everything is step by step easy to follow videos.

      Plus, you will have my personal email address and Facebook incase
      you need help with something.

      I am here for you and let’s make this happen.

      You can join by clicking any link on my blog, or you can SIGN UP HERE.

      I will send you a separate email with your team site and Facebook information.

      When you join our Facebook group, you will see how successful DS really is
      with a good team.

      Lets make this happen :)


      • john says


  14. Megan says

    Hi Jesse:

    I’ve enjoyed reading all the comments about DS Domination and would be interested in joining. The one question I have concern about is how we should set up our accounts for tax purposes. Are we considered resellers or affiliates by dropshipping? Should we set up our account with Ebay as a sole proprietor (with our SSN#) or business entity(with a EIN or Tax ID) or LLC? If as a business, should we obtain a sales license and pay taxes quarterly (in most US states)? And do you happen to know that, if we obtain an EIN or Tax ID (to protect our personal SSN#s), do we need to claim ourselves as a business at first?

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Megan,

      You don’t have to get any business license. That is totally optional.

      You will have to claim any additional income, but you can write certain
      expenses off.

      You can ask an account about this.

      Once you start making over $100,000 in profit a year,
      than I would get a business license and cooperate your business.

      On our team site, we explain everything on how to do your taxes etc.

      We got your covered, just join our team by clicking the link in the blog post
      and I will send you a separate email with our team site login and Facebook group

      keep everything simple, don’t over think things. I promise you if you do what
      we ask you to do, you are going to do amazing.

  15. Antonio says

    Hi Jesse,

    I have been reading and watching everything that I can find online about DS Domination for the past couple of weeks. Everything that I have found, including your site, has been all positive. Because of this, I have decided to sign up at the pro level. I just have one main concern. I saw in an earlier post where it was stated that Paypal will hold money that buyers send to your account for a period of several days if your account is new. I have had my Paypal account since May of 2013. Although I have never used it to sell things, I have completed several transactions as a purchaser. Will this hold policy apply to me as well once I join DS Domination? Thanks.

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Antonio,

      I Believe you are good to go Antonio with your paypal account

      You shouldn’t have ANY holds. There is a way around the hold as well,
      just provide paypal with a tracking number and they will release the funds.

      If you buy from Amazon, you will always get a tracking number.

      But, your account 3 months old, so you are clear :)

      If you decide to join, click here now.

      I will send you another email address with our team bonuses
      not offered anywhere else for free.

  16. says

    I had an Amazon account, and Amazon closed my account because they said I owed them some money from another purchase. I had sent them payment, but for some reason it was not accepted. Can I start a new Amazon account? If so, what do I need to do? A different email address, or what?

    I saw an ad on a safelist for your program, and I found your site by doing a review, which I always do. I have been trying to make money on the internet for over five years, and it’s the same old story…. recruit, recruit. and recruit. I need to replace the income I lost when I was forced out of my job in 2008, and into early retirement.

    Can I open a new Amazon account with this past situation?

    Enjoy all your answers to many questions.

    Bob Schaffer

    • Jesse Singh says


      How are you my friend?

      You can open a different Amazon account with
      a different email address. In fact, I have
      multiple accounts myself.

      Amazon isn’t the only resource we use. There are
      better options out there :)

  17. Amanda says

    Hi Jesse, I’m very interested in this opportunity but as most people are a little bit skeptical. See I’m a recent college graduate and its just been difficult finding a well paying job that will atleast cover a part of the bills that I need to pay, not to mention my massive rent payment every month :/…so I was just wondering does this truly work? and if soo…if I work hard at this and listen to the training videos, how much would I be making in a month? considering I’d be doing everything correctly. I’ve been doing a lot of research on DS Domination and it does seem legit I just need that one little push letting me know it is very well worth it. I’m extremely desperate here. Please help.

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Amanda,

      Welcome to the site!

      It is hard to gauge exactly what you will be
      making and someone tells you other wise, they are lying lol.

      If you follow the training step by step and implement everything
      we say and give it 110%, you could be making an extra $500 per month
      in your first month.

      I am saying $500 because in your first 90 days, eBay puts restrictions
      on how many items you can sell etc.

      I know a way around it which can get figure bumped up to $800-$1000 per month.

      But after 90 days and your account is good standards, you can have your
      restriction lifted and then the sky is the limit.

      I would treat DS Domination as a real business and a real educational tool.

      Study it, do it, and master it.

      You can join my team by clicking any of the links on this page, I will
      send you a seperate email to our exclusive Facebook Group (You can’t see it
      unless you are invitied) with thousands of people helping each other.

      We have a great support system, plus I have my team website which you
      will get a login and password for which has even more training.

      No one else offers this to their team, but not many people are actually
      there to help people, they just want to make a quick sign up.

      I believe the more people I can help, the more successful I will be so,
      I am going to help away :)

      I hope that helps.

      You will do great Amanda, don’t listen to the voices that say you can’t do it..
      Listen to that one lone voice that YOU CAN.

  18. Jake says

    Hey jesse. Excellent review. I am very interested in this system, but i dont really have too much money avaliblr monthly. What is the least amount that i would have to put out monthly and still be succuessful

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Jake,

      thank you for visiting.

      It is $19.95 per month which is probably the lowest entry of
      any business I personally experience that actually WORKS.

      I can promise you one thing, if you decide to get in with me
      and do the training and list items daily, you will make WAY
      more than the small $19.95 per month.

      Take a 30 day challenge and try it for a month. You will
      do great because there is so much evidence now on my team
      that people are actually making income.

      You will have all the support from myself, my team and
      you will have access to our team site which will supercharge
      your results.

      • Jake says

        Oh thanks for the information. I really think i will be doing this soon. Also, does it matter if i am already an ebay member

        • Jesse Singh says

          Hey Jake,

          It doesn’t matter if you are already an eBay member.

          In fact, it probably will benefit you if you had it
          for some period of time. Your restrictions to post items
          will be higher if it’s older than 90 days.

          I hope that helps and I hope to see you on our team soon :)

          • Jesse Singh says

            Hey Jake,

            There are 12 capture pages in all which you will get for free :)

            This way you can use them like how I do.

          • Megan says

            Hi Jake:

            I was signing up and realized that I had to enter my credit card # online and didn’t complete the application. Do you provide Paypal to accept payments instead? While surfing the Internet, I noticed one of your DS Domination team members set up a site to sign up for DS Domination providing payment through Paypal. Is there another way to pay in a more secure way since I want to be on your team.

            Appreciate your help.

          • Jesse Singh says

            Hey Megan,

            DS Domination only takes credit cards.

            The team site you will get is free so no payments required.

            DS Domination does not accept paypal as a payment form yet.

    • Madan Mohan says

      Hi jesse ,

      I am from India .

      I don’t have credir card , but have international debit card . Can I use that for signing up ? Or shall I use my uncle’s credit card ? what is the role of cc , is it for only purchase of DS Pro or any other future purchases from amazon ?

      • Jesse Singh says

        Hey Madan,

        You will need a credit card for DS Domination and Amazon if you are
        an international user.

        If you lived in the states, you can apply for the Paypal Debit which
        you can use in Amazon.

      • Jesse Singh says


        I would use eBay.com for maximum profits.

        I am not sure why that Australian member is going in
        the red due to conversion rates.

        If that was the problem, I would just buy from eBay sellers
        instead of Amazon that are selling them at a similar price
        and just out title them. Keywords is key.

        That person just gave up too fast, there is unlimited amounts of items
        to sell on eBay even at the DS Domination Pro level.

        Once you start making some money at the pro level is when I would
        start using that profits and invest in the more advantaged training
        with HUGE profit margins.

        Never get discouraged by people who decided to give it a shot for like
        2 weeks and give up.

        I would give it my ALL for 6 months and then see if it’s working for you.

        This WORKS regardless so it all depends on if you want it to work.

      • Jesse Singh says

        The 12 landing pages are only for my team members.

        You will get a login for my team site where you can access them.

        it’s not for every DS Domination member, that’s why it’s important
        to join someone who wants you to succeed :)

  19. Nichole Monique says


    I am seriously interested in joining DS Domination. I know another person that markets this company on FB and after searcing the internet I found this page, which by the way has been extremely helpful and even more enticing to join. Before I signup I just want to know if other teams are as detailed as yours and do they offer the same access to the resource you have listed to succeed?

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Nichole,

      I’m the only one that offers the team site which you will have
      access to. I put in hundreds of hours creating it with my team
      leaders so you won’t find that anywhere else.

      I designed it so average people will start to make money much faster.

      Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you on my team :)

  20. Dave says

    How are you able to find so many items to post per hour when it takes me an hour just to find one or two items that qualify to undercut in price?

  21. Tan L P says

    Hi Jesse from Singapore,

    After reading through all your comments and responses here, i am really interested in joining you and your team! I really hope to be earning extra income monthly!

    But, there are a few questions i need to clarify first.

    First, how much start up capital would you suggest if i start with the DSD Pro $19.90, learned and start doing my listing?

    Also, i would like to know are the any hidden costs and what are the fees i have to pay upfront pertaining to the sales? I.e. Buying from Amazon, withdrawing money from Paypal, selling on Ebay, listing on Ebay etc. (By the way, i have an existing Paypal acc for almost half a year)

    Thirdly, if the customers received faulty/wrong orders and want to get a refund, how will the procedures be like? If he/she mails it back to Amazon, wouldn’t they know that we actually did a dropship?

    Lastly, if i were to cancel the membership (of course i hope i don’t need to do so), how is the procedure like?

    Thank you and regards,
    Lye Poh

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Lye,

      How are you doing? You actually don’t need any capital to begin with.

      The only capital you will need is $19.95 per month.

      With the $19.95 DS Domination Pro training, you will learn exactly how to
      “FIND” items that are selling, “LIST” them on eBay with the RIGHT title.

      Once you go through the training, it’s VERY easy to follow and implement.

      eBay takes final value fee’s when you sell something. If you list items on
      eBay as fixed items without any extra promotions, it has been free for me
      for a while now. So they charge around 10% for every sale you make.

      Paypal takes another 3.5%. My rule of thumb is add at least 20% to the price
      to make a profit.

      Buying on Amazon is free of course, no fee’s there.

      That’s a safe margin.

      If the item is coming from Amazon, the customer has to ship it back to Amazon.
      To be honest, customers are not concerned where their items come from, they
      are concerned just to get their products. NEVER worry about that because
      I have been doing this for a while now and no customer has ever complained.

      To cancel is easy, just go to the back office and there is a link to cancel
      your membership and that’s it. You won’t be charged after that.

      When you do decide to join and take action, you will see the wonderful people
      in our DS Domination group and really know that this isn’t some bogus opportunity,
      you will see hundreds of newbies making their first sale.

      The key is the RIGHT team like my team. We have 3000 members now in our Facebook group :)

      I hope that helps!


      • Tan L P says

        Hi Jesse!

        Thank you for the prompt reply and for clearing my doubts!

        Can I have the link to your DSD so that I could join you and your team later on?

        Lye Poh

        • Jesse Singh says

          Hey Lye,

          Not a problem. Today, I just had a 22 year old with 4
          kids that made $100 last night in my team. This is real
          and it works. The funny thing is he was not sure if he
          should join, but he did and thanked me today because
          I told him that he CAN do it.

          The key is to have the right team! And my team is the
          best of the best because we have an actual support system :)

          you can join by CLICKING HERE NOW

  22. Al Davis says

    Hi Jesse,
    I heard about DSD through a contact on Facebook. I have over 8 years experience in MLM. I am very interested in the DSD business,and love the concept. I do have a couple questions for you, if you don’t mind.

    1. I live in Ontario, which province do you reside in?
    2. My Facebook contact, I believe, has limited experience in DSD. I am not sure if he could provide me with the resources I need in order to master the DSD business. I don’t want to disrespect him if I sign up with a seasoned leader, such as yourself.

    Kind Regards,

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Al,

      Welcome to party lol :)

      1. I live in Ontario as well, Brampton is the city :)
      2. The person you join determines how much success you are going to get.

      I just had a 22 year old today that made $100 over night with NO experience
      following my teams teachings.

      This is simple and easy as long as you have the right leader :)

      Click Here To Join out team, we have 3000 members in our FB group
      that are ready to help :)

  23. Karthigeyan says

    Dear Jesse,

    Greetings! I am Karthigeyan from Bangalore, India. I have been getting a lot about this DS Domination in the mail but did a search and found your review blog, it is fantastic and gives a lot of details. I have the following questions:

    1. Can I do this living in India and can I get Guidance from you?
    2. I do not have any online marketing experience, will it be very difficult to do this in my case?
    3. How Much Capital will be required to start and sustain?

    I have been trying my hand on this Online Business but am very skeptical because it is so confusing,seems challenging and difficult without a good mentor.

    Please send me your link for joining if I am eligible,I believe your team and your leadership will be of great learning curve in my online search.

    Thanking you and Regards,
    V P R Karthigeyan

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Karthigeyan,

      Let me see if I can answer your questions.

      1. Yes of course you can do this in India with my guidance. Once you are on my team
      you will even get access to our Facebook group with over 3000 members. We are all
      here to help.

      2. You don’t need ANY online marketing skills, we are using eBay and Amazon and they
      do the marketing for you. They drive the traffic for you. All you have to do is
      follow our video step by step training. it’s VERY easy to follow.

      3. All you need is $19.95 per month to start DS training. Listing items on eBay as
      long as you don’t use their promotional stuff is free. eBay only charges a final value
      fee once the item is sold. So there are no upfront costs.

      You can join my team by clicking the link below:

      Team Freedom Fighters

      I hope that helps :)

    • Charan says

      Hi karthigeyan,

      Even I am from bangalore and I was interested in this. Wanted to know from you whether you have started on this project

      Charan S

  24. Magda says

    Hi! I just want to know what happens if in my country there is no ebay? I live on an island, Cyprus. I just became a member using your link – there is a video for non US residents – but it says to list an items on your home counry ebay first for 24hours – what if it doesn’t exist?
    Hopefully you can help.

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Magda,

      If it doesn’t exist in your country, that is fine.

      You can sell on ebay.com and use amazon.com for your items.

      You joined my team, did you add me to Facebook? I can help
      you there.

        • Jesse Singh says

          I just added you :)

          Welcome to our exclusive DS Domination club :)

          and congratulations taking action on your future, I promise you
          if you follow out training, you will make money period specially
          with the support of our team :)

  25. Lesia Howell says

    Hi! I wanted to join, but when I hit the join now button, it said there was a problem with the security certificate and wouldn’ let me access it any further. Would you please email me the link that’ll work so I can join? Thanks!

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Cheddi,

      Welcome to the site :)

      DS Domination only takes credit cards right now.

      Unless you have a debit/visa some banks offer, that would work too.

  26. shelly says

    I been thinking about doing the ds domination but not sure if I should do it now or in few weeks. Would it be at all possible to make $40 by wednesday then $180 by friday for new person?

    • Jesse Singh says


      It’s VERY possible to make $40 by Wednesday and $180 by friday.

      It will depend how much action you will take when you get started.

      I wouldn’t wait because I have had people joined me a few weeks
      after considering and told me after “Why didn’t you PUSH me to
      get started sooner!”.

      It’s because they were making sales pretty quick specially with our
      team to back everyone up. It’s just a great community of amazing
      people helping each other :)

  27. Javier Rivera says

    Hi Jesse:

    You have made better than good in answering people requests on their questions. You are a true natural leader and that’s why I am cancelling my account and joining your team. Do I have to joind DSD with a different email than the one I used to join before?

    • Jesse Singh says


      Welcome to the team brother, I am excited to have you :).

      Yes you can use a different email to join my team. My goal this year is to
      help 1000 people to make their first sale online. I am not going to stop until I achieve
      that goal.

      Thank you Javier, it’s an honor to have you on the team :)

  28. Javier Rivera says

    I joined you as my sponsor in DSD this morning, I will be waiting for the link to join the team and join the facebook page. Thanks!

  29. Jenna says

    Hi Jesse,
    A lot of my questions have been answered through the comments, thanks! I am interested in the squeeze pages though. What do we need to purchase or what level do we have to be to get those pages?
    I want to purchase the elite but I can’t afford that right now, I’m hoping that the Pro will be good enough right now to at least see some $ coming in!!
    You mention the site, facebook page, training, etc we get when we sign up with you. Are there any catches? Like we only get the $997 training tools if we are Unleashed or Monopoly first. Does that make sense?
    I am a comparison shopper to the “T” and so it goes with this;)

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Jenna, you get ALL of our marketing
      tools on our team site for free at the basic DS Domination pro level which
      is $19.95 per month.

      My goal isn’t to fork you out more money, my goal is for you to make as much
      money as possible with the most success at the basic level so you can start
      buying the higher end training like elite, unleashed, and monopoly.

      I just had a team member that just started a few days ago who came in at the
      pro level and made $100 while sleeping lol. He upgraded to the Elite level the
      next day. This just works specially with my great team to back you up :)

      • Jenna says

        Thanks for your quick reply! I will be joining today:) One reason is BECAUSE of your quick reply. I live a very fast paced life and especially when I’m doing this, I want to know that I’ll be taken care of so that I’ll be able to run smoothly. I am apart of another business (not anything like this)and I can tell you that is one of the most frustrating parts is feeling like you have come to a halt in your business because you’re waiting for aid or advice! So thanks. And I didn’t want to come off as saying you DO have a catch. I can tell you are genuine and really do want to help me become successful because you do take the time. I know that you are a leader because I am the same way I like to think.
        Anyway, thanks.
        And ps. I did read that taxes will be covered somewhere, right?

        • Jesse Singh says

          Hey Jenna,

          Not a problem :)

          I really appreciate your kind works, it really means a lot.

          You will have all the support from me and my team to point you
          in the right direction.

          We are just a big family in our FB group :)

          You will feel like you are at home.

          And for taxes, yes we go into details on our team website
          which you will have access to by simply joining my team.

          Bless and Be Blessed,

          Jesse Singh

          • Jenna says

            I just tried signing up and it said Captcha failed?? Any ideas? I would like to sign up tonight! Thanks:)

          • Jesse Singh says

            Hey Jenna,

            Try using Chrome or Firefox when trying to signup.

            The captcha is just random letters you have to type in
            just to make sure you are not some computer bot and a real human lol.

            Make sure you are typing those letters correctly as well.

            I hope that helps!

            And can’t wait for your to start with my team, it’s going to be great!

  30. Nichole Monique says

    Hello, I signed up today!! I’m listening to the trainings right now. I haven’t received the email detailing the FB group. Could you please send it to me. Thanks.

    • Jesse Singh says

      Welcome to the team Nichole!

      I sent all the information to you. Check your email :)

      It’s an honor to have you and let’s make 2014 the year you
      finally live the life you want for you and your family.

  31. Nichole Monique says

    Hello! Today I joined your team. I am listening to videos right now, but I am inquiring about the FB Group information. Could you please send it to me? Thanks.

  32. Janice says

    Hi Jesse, It’s great that you take the time to reply to everyone here. I have been looking at joining DSD for a couple of days and I’m so pleased to have come across you just now. I am going to join with your group but won’t be able to get started properly until Thursday morning… looking forward to the journey. Exciting!

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Janice,

      Thanks for coming by :)

      It doesn’t matter when you start, but I am glad you are
      taking action towards your dreams and goals.

      My team members and I will welcome you with open arms in
      our Facebook group :)

  33. jamal smith says

    wow you reply fast lol… i just wanted to know if i can really make money from doing this… i have been with other MLM companies and everyone that tells me about there company always are in it for themselves but i just want success and people always say you get success from the other MLM companies but its not as easy as it seems but you make it sound easy…is it really that easy to make money from doing this?

  34. joey says

    Hi Jesse,

    before i make my decision to join your group, i like to know if i can also make a listing in ebay international or i will only be allowed to sell in Ebay Philippines? since im a resident of the Phils

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Joey,

      You can make a listing ANYWHERE with eBay.

      For example, I am actually from Canada, but I make listings on eBay.com which is USA and
      that is the market I target.

      I hope that helps, you can be anywhere in the world and use eBay.com (US version).

      When you are ready to go, you can join by clicking the link below:

      Join Jesse Here

      • joey vibar says

        my debit card is in peso currency , how do i may the converson in peso – what’s the rate i will follow? maybe this is the reason why my payment is denied.

        • Jesse Singh says

          Hey Joey,

          Welcome to the site, you can only use a credit card or if you have one of those debit card/visa’s which some banks offer.

          I hope that helps brother.

          • Jesse Singh says

            Hey Maden,

            Welcome to the team :)

            I sent you an email with both the login for our team site
            and the link to our Facebook group.

            Let me know if you got it. Thank you.

          • Justin says

            I appreciate you helping me out. I still have a few questions before i sign up with you. Are there any more fees I would have to pay before I start earning some money? and would I be able to see some income coming in within a week if i put some work into it? my current job has not been giving me alot of hours and so I’m in a bit of a situation with my financials.

          • Jesse Singh says

            Hey Justin,

            Not a problem brother.

            If you take action and list as many items as your
            eBay account lets you, you will make more than the
            $19.95 you will pay when you join.

            I can’t promise you anything, but having people just
            joining me three days ago and making $20-100 within 48 hours.

            It is VERY possible for you to make money this week.

            Follow my lead, take action on our training and you will
            get results :)

            I hope that helps!


          • Justin says

            I’m willing to give this a try and I willing to work hard to see some result. I’m sorry to get personal on this forum but as of right now im struggling. I’ve been going through alot of depression. I’m living with my parents and my job has not been giving me hours for this past month. I only have about $163 in my bank account and paying off my OSAP loans. I feel like a failure cause I dropped out of college and can’t keep a steady job. I have nothing to show as of now in terms of achievement. I feel like a disappointment towards my family. I appreciate your help Jesse, and I will join your team tomorrow once I get my mastercard. I’m willing to put alot of work into this but I don’t have much money from my bank to invest in products on amazon to pay upfront. I’m sorry for blabbing about my problems, you seem like that someone who listens and gives alot of encouragement and I appreciate that, Thanks again Jesse, I want to be a success in this and turn my life around. Take care & God Bless

          • Jesse Singh says


            Society has shaped us in away where if you don’t
            have an education, you are no good. Which I believe
            is complete crab. 95% of the billionaires in the world
            only have a high school education.

            The schooling system is FLAWED in so many ways. You pay
            $50,000 to go to College, you finish then you look for a job
            in your field which you can never get and then you are stuck
            paying student loans. Does that even make sense?

            You are POWERFUL Justin, and once you start working on your mindset
            you will start getting the things you WANT and not the things that
            you don’t want.

            I will help you with this because I once suffered from the similar things, but
            I overcame them and my success shot out of the roof. There is so much
            abundance and prosperity out there for everyone. Work on your mind and
            everything else will fall into place.

            I hope that helps Brother, God Bless you and I pray that our heavenly
            Father will guide you to abundance and prosperity.

            Bless and Be Blessed,


          • Edna says

            I was referred by another rep and I am researching the company. No one but you has offered an affiliation for 9.95. How can I get that offer?

          • Jesse Singh says


            Welcome to my blog :)

            Only way to get my team goodies is to join my team.

            Only my team members get the support, the tools/training outside
            of DS Domination that will take your business to the next level.

            In the top 10, I am number 1 and 4 out of that 10 are from my team :)

            So we are growing and just doing amazing.

            I hope that helps,


  35. says

    Hi Jesse.
    I must admit, after 9+ years online, I am not familiar with your name but am so very impressed with the way you handle this blog in answering all the questions in such a timely and professional manner…which I doubt I’d be able to do myself-:)!

    Anyway, i just happened to find you by Googling DS Domination because I am going to join early next week and wanted to be part of a quality team, which is what it appears you offer.

    I’ll admit to being a burned-out marketer afflicted with”Shiny Object Syndrome” and always getting roped into The Next biggest thing online! My own fault, obviously-:)

    I ( and my wife )do have some ( little ) experience selling on ebay and myself more so on Amazon. we are also familiar with Roger and his course from an earlier time, last year, before he turned it into a membership site. I’m fairly sure that the pro level, I’m already up to par on that but a refresher course is always a good thing to take.

    My one concern/question is of this being a sustainable business model as per Ebay’s and Amazon’s Terms Of Service. Since you have been selling successfully since 2004, I assume you would have good insight and/or knowledge of these?
    Thanks and I’ll be checking back with you later on monday. Have a great week ahead!

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey John,

      Thank you for coming on by.

      There is no terms and conditions breached. Many Titanium
      power sellers (1.8 millions in sales a year) use these
      exactly strategies to make income through drop shipping.

      I too have been doing this since 2004 and have made a 6-figure
      per year eBay business :)

      I hope that helps my friend :)

      – Jesse singh

  36. Gary says

    WOW ! People; this guy’s AMAZING ! Am I dreaming?

    I haven’t seen a person on the net so willing and patient to listen to & answer skeptical,sometimes hurting people’s questions.

    My sense & my hope is that this comes from a truly compassionate heart ; from a mind, not infected by greed, from an understanding that within each person resides that which is to be automatically respected,celebrated & affirmed.

    As we all know …when we GIVE to others .. we give to ourselves –

    If you want to distinguish yourself from the crowd – If you want to be remembered; ..
    Indulge in the Art of Listening.

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Gary,

      I really appreciate that brother, I really do. Greed is evil, so I stay away from it.

      This world needs more people that help people because in the end, we are all brothers
      and sisters. We are all ONE :)

      God bless everyone :)

  37. David Frazer says

    Hi Jesse

    I am in Canada and just recently joined DSDomination and went through all of the module training for pro. I had an old E-bay account and did list two items for sale and waited the time period so as to log out of Canadian E-bay and then log into Amazon.com and EBay.com for selling in the USA. I’ve watched the webinars as to what to do and followed through trying to get the same product available in Amazon.com at a cheaper price to be able to list on EBay.com without any luck . This all seems like it does work and I’m not getting any real support to help me get started. I would like to cancel my membership and start all over again in your team. When would I need to register this as a business ? Thanks, David

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey David,

      Welcome my fellow Canadian :)

      You actually never need to register it as
      a business, but on your income taxes, you will
      have to show your additional income.

      This is what I do and on top of that, I write off
      any expenses associated with my home based business like
      internet, office, supply’s etc.

      You can even write off up to 10% of your living space for
      your business as long as you have an office. Living expenses
      include mortgage interest, heat, hydro etc for that space.

      I would get an accountant this way you will get great taxes back.

      I would definitely give you my support and my team will as well.

      Let me know when you want to join my team, I will send you my
      team bonuses and our Facebook group where you will never be alone.

      I hope that helps brother.

      • David says

        Hi jesse

        Ok I’ve cancelled my old membership and ready to join your team. will I need a new e-mail address or will my old one be ok. Should I change my accounts that I have already set up with Amazon.com and Ebay.com with a new email address as well? I just want to make sure that I am starting over again fresh.. Thanks, David

        • Jesse Singh says

          Hey David,

          You can keep your eBay account and Amazon the same. You are good there.

          You will have to change the email address that you are going to use
          to join my team. That’s it brother, you are set.

          You can click here and join

          Whenever you are ready :)

          I hope that helps.

          • john says

            dear jesse qusetion i have a netspend debit mastercard can i pay with that when i signup for dsdomnination?

          • says

            Hey John,

            How are you my friend?

            Yes you can use your debit mastercard to join me in DS Domination :)

            Let me know when you are in so I can send you a welcome email :)

  38. Clayton says

    Hi Jesse,

    I’m looking forward to joining your DSD team, but I have had a bit of a setback. I have had an Ebay account for about 15 years, but have lost the password and my email address and phone # are no longer valid. Despite all efforts to reset my password, Ebay will not allow me to update to a new email address so I can reset my password.

    Unfortunately, I had a lot of positive feedback on that Ebay account. I hope this will not delay my success with DSD. I’m in a financial situation that I am in dire need to generate a consistent weekly income of $700 per week. Any help/support in this effort would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for this opportunity to work with you.

    Best Regards,


    • Jesse Singh says


      I know setbacks suck and if you have to start with a new eBay account,
      I will help you all the way brother. I will help you make sure that you
      would make way more than the actual DS Domination subscription cost.

      If you give me 90 days, I can definitely help you achieve $700 per week, that.s
      actually not that hard. I just need you to be teachable, consistent and attend
      our team training’s. Because face it, if you don’t do the work, you won’t get
      the results right?

      I hope that helps!

      Jesse Singh

      • Clayton says

        Thanks for your reply and help Jesse. I have just signed up for the program using you as my referrer. I’m very open to instruction and work very systematically so we have a great fit here.

        Are the team training’s recorded? as I am working long hours three days per week on Thursday, Friday and Monday’s. Thanks again!

        Best Regards,


        • Jesse Singh says


          Welcome to the team brother! All of our team site training is recorded
          so you won’t miss a thing. I just sent you the link to our Team site
          and Facebook group, enjoy the $1000 worth of goodies for free :)


          • Clayton says

            Hi Jesse,

            Thanks for the welcome to the team! I’m going through my UOP marketing system training system steps.

            I did receive an email from Roger Langille asking me to upgrade to another level for $99 per month. I’m not ready to do that at this point. Is it possible for me to get to a $500-700 per week income at the Pro level?

            Thanks again, Clayton

          • Jesse Singh says

            Hey Clayton,

            Absolutely, there is no rush in upgrading, lets work at your
            pace until you feel comfortable to go to the next level :)


  39. Meg says

    I am already a ds domination member and have already made a few sales but I still have a few questions! If I joined your team would I be able to get my questions answered and help through you?

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Meg,

      If you joined my team, I would be by your side every step of the way.

      Not only that, you will have my teams side as well in our Facebook group
      for any help you need.

      I am here to help as many people as I can, that is my number 1 priority.

      I am already very successful on eBay and DS Domination, now I want other
      people to get here as fast as possible :)


  40. berry38 says


    I would like to join this program.It seems very interesting.I read a lot of posts and information and I dont know where to start.I already have ebay and paypal account.Can I just join, pay 20USD watch training videos and then start working?I have ebay and paypal account,but I dont have experiences as a seller.And also I live in Europe(Czech republic)
    Is this a problem?

    Thank you

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Berry,

      Welcome to my site :)

      You are already set to go and get ready to rock this.

      Go ahead join my team at the $19.95 level and let’s make you
      some sales.

      This works for anyone in any country with eBay so you are good.

      I hope that helps Berry.


      • Berry says

        Ok, Could you give me the link to join your team?
        As a newbie i will need some support in the beginning, so please be patient with me 😀

        • Jesse Singh says

          Hey Berry,

          That is where I will help you where others just sponsor people and leave
          their team members hanging. I am there for my team, no matter what
          the question or what kind of help you need. Click the link below to
          sign up for our team :)

          ==> Click Here Now To Join

  41. Sai Bhai says

    Hi Jesse,

    I have already joined DSD and I am very happy to say that I got results within my second day of implementing all the training modules with PRO unfortunately I exhausted the funds before I could build up a good base of income and being out of work its been quite hard to continue, so my PRO level has been deactivated until I can afford to start it up again. I am very interested in joining your team as reading all the feedback about you and the way you answer our questions gives me more confidence in making this a success. One question I have is that I live in New Zealand and was wondering about the tax policies? Should I consult with an account or is there a standard process that you can advise me on? Do you know of anyone doing DSD in countries like New Zealand or Australia?

    Just want to say thank you in advance and appreciate you reply.

    Kind regards
    Sai Bhai

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Sai Bhai,

      How are you doing?

      I have a few team members from New Zealand and Australia that can easily help you with that.
      When it comes to taxes, I would still consult with an accountant if you are very new to it.

      There are a ton of things that the accountant can do to reduce your overall taxes and will
      let you know what kind of expenses you can write off. When you don’t have home based business,
      you are leaving money on the table and I am sure the government would be glad to spend that money

      So get an accountant and get a better tax return when you decide to join my team in DS Domination.

      I hope that helps my friend!


  42. Shane says

    I’m interested in becoming a affiliate only to promote the business. I was a PS for a few years and quit I 07 and just now started back to selling. I was using DS and buying wholesale before and started again, I’m not interested in the program but interested in promoting the program for people who want to get in eBay and doesn’t have the experience. Can you provide me with a link for affiliate only?


    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Shane,

      As an affiliate, you will have to own the products
      to promote them. To be honest, I believe it’s unethical
      promoting something you don’t even use.

      This is why I do things a little different, I am using
      the product and promoting it which is the ethical thing to do.

      I can show you how to promote it, but actually use the product.

      If you decide to join my team, I will have 14 capture pages ready
      for you that will be linked to your ds domination affiliate link.

      I will even show you what the best resources are to promote :)

      Click the link below if are an existing marketer and want to promote this :)

      ==> Join DS Domination with Jesse Singh

  43. Lisa says

    I’m thinking really hard on this , don’t have the $20 yet but would really like the support that you give. I need to make money, not lose it like i have in the past 5 years. At least it seems as though you are trying to help other people, not just trying to get them to join. And i have read all the comments and answers! It’s nice to know there are ethical people out there.

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Lisa,

      I really appreciate your kind words, that means a lot.

      I have many people on my team where they could barely
      afford to get in, but with my help and DS Domination training,
      I helped them to make their first few hundred online to start.

      You stick with me and I will help you to make way more than
      the $20 sign up :)

      And stay strong Lisa, I know I have been scammed in the past
      by all of these biz ops that promise riches over night.

      So I know exactly how you feel, not only that, not too long
      ago, I was about to go homeless because I got in a bad car accident
      and the insurance money wasn’t even covering my mortgage.

      I felt like a failure as a husband and a father of my two children.

      But I over came all of that and I promised myself to help as many
      people as I can. I am not just your sponsor, I am your mentor and
      a friend to get you to where you want to be.

      Just be coachable and teachable and everything will fall into place.

      I hope that helps Lisa and I pray that your circumstances will change
      for the better.

      Bless and Be Blessed,

      Jesse Singh

  44. ashley says

    Hey Jesse ive been researching DSD for awhile now. How do I join your team? I want to be on a team where I get the necessary training to be successful and you definitely seem like you have that. Can you send me an email with some more info? Thanks so much! -Ashley

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Ashley,

      Welcome to my site :)

      I can definitely help you in DS Domination in every way so
      your good there.

      I just sent you an email :)

      Bless and Be Blessed,

      Jesse Singh

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Alex,

      Don’t feel overwhelmed, do the DS Domination PRO training first and
      get some listings up. I sent you an email so you can add me on
      Facebook if you need any help. That way I can respond much faster :)

  45. Lisa says

    Thanks for taking the time to write back! I will be joining through you as soon as i can. I guess i am a little apprehensive and worry i won’t pick the right thing to sell. Maybe all this will be answered when i get the training. Scared to get burned again i guess! It’s happened too many times before and in NS there aren’t any good jobs to find. Everyone seems to be leaving to go west ! Not what I want :(

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Lisa,

      Don’t be scared.
      Don’t worry.

      You won’t be alone in this and will have myself and my
      team to back you up. I do this full time, so when
      you do decide to join and take action, I will add you to
      Facebook where we can chat if you need help with anything.

      The training will answer ALL your questions including what to
      sell :)

      Well if you want to stay in NS and make money in the comfort
      of your own home, well just join my team.

      The little $19.95 per month will be paid in your first sale and
      our goal together will be for you to make many sales in your
      first 30 days.

      I hope that helps Lisa and always stay positive! Mindset is very important.


  46. Justin says

    I went Money Mart today to get a new prepaid Visa because the one I have now has expired. They were not able to issue me a temporary one and I would have to wait 7-10 business days to receive one via mail. I really want to get started with this program and I was thinking of getting a prepaid mastercard/visa else where like Wal-mart. Would that be accepted to make payment of the program?

  47. Justin says

    Hey Jesse, I’m very sorry for placing the same question on this forum. I didn’t realize my message already went through. But yes an answer to that question would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    • Jesse Singh says

      hahah Justin,

      It’s all good brotha!

      I fixed it :)

      You can use a mastercard as well if you want.

      That will work as well :)

      I hope that helps!


  48. Florin says

    Hello Jessie,
    Could you tel us how are the returns dealt with under this system. I have been an Ebay member/seller for couple of years now. I sell wrist watches, mostly; tried even drop-shipping(doba.com) and still struggling to make a steady monthly profit, big enough to support myself. Competing with big fishes out there, it isn’t a walk in park, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree.
    Thank you in advance for your response and.
    Florin S.

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Florin,

      I remember back in the day I tried to use drop shippers and
      man they were a nightmare. They would take forever to ship
      items and it would really hurt my eBay account.

      Instead of competing against the big fish, I just think
      outside of the box to sell items :)

      This is what DS Domination teaches you.

      Returns are delt with easy, all of my items have a
      14 day return policy and 20% restocking fee.

      So through eBay your buyer clicks on “return item”

      and then I just go on Amazon and tell them I would
      like to return the item. It will ask for a reason and
      I just type in “No Good”.

      They give me the address to return to so I then tell
      my buyer to ship it there with a tracking number.

      20% is deducted from their payment automatically (You can set this up in eBay).

      SO even though they are returning it, you actually make a tiny profit.

      Not only that with my help and teams help, we will get you to
      that full time income you are looking for. You will be blown away
      at how easy and how powerful this training.

      I have been selling on eBay since 2004 and since I personally joined
      DS Domination, my eBay income quadrupled.

      I hope that helps!


  49. Justin says

    I’m very sorry for all these questions Jesse. I just want to make sure of everything before I sign up. I recently created my paypal account and I’m just skeptical of the funds being held for 21 days. You suggested listing lower priced items in the beginning. Meaning I would have to purchase the items off amazon out of my own pocket???? and if thats so I can only invest about $80 into items on amazon due to my budget. I can almost say I’m unemployed because my current job has not been giving me hours. Your input on this would be much appreciated before I can make a move on signing up. Thanks!

    • Jesse Singh says


      No problem about the questions, Paypal does have a hold for new
      members, but once you provide a tracking number which Amazon does,
      they release your funds.

      So this is how you will do this. You list the item on eBay and
      get paid in Paypal. Paypal holds your funds initially.

      You buy the product on Amazon and ship it to your customer. You give
      paypal the tracking number and Paypal releases your funds. You then
      transfer the funds to your bank account (Takes 2-3 days at most in the USA).

      You pay off the Amazon item and keep the profits.

      I hope that helps!

      Even with $80 budget, you will pay back the $19.95, but Remember
      this is a long term plan to make you money. I was in your shoes
      when I first started on eBay, but just kept pressing forward.

      • Justin says

        Thanks Jesse for your help. You explained that once I list the item on ebay I get payed in paypal from the buyer. But paypal will intialy hold the funds until I provide a tracking #. So does that mean I would have to buy the product from Amazon with my personal money first? I really appreciate your help.

        • Jesse Singh says

          Hey Justin,

          When your eBay item sells, you will initially have to charge your
          credit card on Amazon and transfer the Paypal funds after.

          If you are on a tight budget, start off small brother and work
          your way up. Remember, this should be your long term business
          and when you do stick it out and start making a great income,
          you will probably tell yourself, why didn’t I start earlier!


          I hope that helps!


          • Justin says

            Thanks Jesse. I’m about to join up today. But I got another question. You implied to start off small selling on ebay since I’m a new seller and work my way up since I’m on a budget to purchase items on amazon. I found out that my mother has boxes of Make up and skincare products that are brand new because she has a business too and those boxes of products have been pretty much sitting there in our living room. Would DS domination help me sell those products? and would it be a good idea since I don’t have much money to purchase products on amazon through my credit card because of the holiding period on paypal?

          • Jesse Singh says

            Hey Justin,

            You can sell your moms stuff no problem. In fact, you can sell used items too.

            The training will help you get more exposure and great strategies to make them sell
            for a profit.

          • Justin says

            Hey Jesse,
            I finally signed up under your name. I can’t wait to get started and work with you! I would appreciate the help along the way. Can you please send me the info for your FB site and members site? Thank you!

          • Jesse Singh says

            Hey Justin,

            Welcome to the team brother, I just send you an email
            to your email that you used to signup with DS Domination
            with all the team goodies :)


  50. Florin says

    Hi Jesse,

    Aloud me to be blunt and ask this: why would anybody pay $20/mo to became a DS Demolition member. Now, since it’s out there, we know the basic principals of the system & we understand why and how you can take advantage of the differences in prices between the 2 big sales platforms?
    Thank you.

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Florin,

      I will be blunt too, go ahead and do it then :)

      There is a lot to learn to be successful with this and just finding
      the different pricing isn’t even tip of the iceberg.

      There are certain items to sell, there are keywords you need to learn to use,
      not only that, we have weekly training LIVE showing you what is new and hot and

      I hope that helps.

      Like I said, I make a full time income from eBay, so if you are not there yet,
      you are not doing something right :)

      hope that helps!


      • Florin says

        Thanks you 4 the prompt response & for the bluntness of it.
        Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I can’t afford to waste more time trying this without help, so I’m gonna get it.
        Thank you, Jesse.

        • Jesse Singh says

          Hey Florin,

          Let me know when you are ready and you will have my
          support and my teams. Let’s make you some sales!

          Bless and Be Blessed,

          Jesse Singh

  51. Mike says

    Jesse, do you have any issues with shipments that arrive in an Amazon or third party box from sales on Ebay and have you had any problems with items being out of stock when you go to purchase after your sale on Ebay? Have you had any issues with negative feedback or returns yet?

    Also wondered if you also drop ship other items not from Amazon and what kind of success you have had there.

    Thank you,

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Mike,

      I been on eBay for 10 years and I never had an issue and have 100% positive feedback.
      Not only that, I hit the powerseller Top-Rated status doing this :)

      I noticed every 30 items, I have one return and it’s very easy to do. I have
      my eBay account setup where if the buyer wants to return it, a 20% restocking
      fee will apply. I just go on amazon and tell them I want to return it (Online).
      then you will have to fill out why. What I write is “No good” and then they
      provide the address to return it to. I just tell the buyer on eBay to return
      it to that address with a tracking number.

      Once the item arrives back to Amazon, they refund your money. Once this is done,
      you refund the buyer and 20% will be taken from their refund which you will keep.

      This insures you don’t lose money even on returns.

      When you start getting the higher level training, there are TONS more resources
      other than Amazon which will give you much higher profits. But, I would start
      at the basic level first, get the hand of things and make some money THEN upgrade
      when you have the funds to do so.

      This is how I did it, and I recommend all my team members to do the same.

      I hope that helps Mike!


    • Jesse Singh says


      That’s perfect, you can list 200 items, you are already set and ready to go.

      You don’t need to open a shop on eBay, in fact, eBay stores hurt your listings
      to rank. So I just stay away from the stores.

      You can do this business anywhere and I have many people from my team from Europe :)

      I hope that helps!


  52. Joseph says

    Hello Jesse,

    I have read your comments. I received emails from several other marketers about DS Domination but was skeptical about it. I am an older person with no experience selling on the internet. I have some basic internet skills but do not know if I can master the training. Please advise.


    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Joseph,

      I have some senior citizens in my group with NO experience at all including
      computer skills that are making money.

      The key is having the right team to help you when you are stuck.

      If you decide to take action and join my team, you will get my support and my teams support.

      I actually do this full time unlike 99% of the people out there. Not only that, I sell on eBay
      as well and make over $20,000 per month in sales.

      Plus when you join my team, you will get access to my Facebook group now with 5000 members and
      additional team bonuses where you will get more easy to follow training outside of DSD that works now.

      I hope that helps!


  53. Fhay says

    First of all, I am totally amazed that you have taken the time to answer questions in such a compassionate and professional manner! You are truly amazing!

    I have a couple of questions before I sign up:
    1. Do we have to have Amazon Prime to make this work or can we just mark up the shipping costs Amazon would charge prior to listing on eBay?
    2. Will the eBay buyer know that the item came from Amazon and/or see the invoice that shows the reduced Amazon amount?
    3. Am I understanding this, if I also sign up as a DS Domination affiliate, I would make a little money from anyone who signed up with my affiliate name?

    Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to answer questions.
    To your success!

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Fhay,

      Thank you for those kind words, I really appreciate it. Alright let’s get to your questions shall we?

      1. All Amazon prime is you get FAST free shipping for items over $35.00 where if you don’t have prime, you get FREE shipping for
      items over $35, but it will be regular parcel.

      2. The buyers will know it’s from Amazon, but when you place an order, there is a gift option which you can check off. This way
      there is no invoice with the order. Now if there isn’t any gift option, I just email the seller and tell them not to include
      the invoice with the order. Now for customers knowing it’s from Amazon, I have been doing this for a while making a huge amount
      of money on eBay and not even one customer complained. As long as the item is exactly what the buyer wants, they don’t care lol.

      3. When you sign up as an affiliate and someone clicks your affiliate link and joins, you make 50% on the sale. Now, you will
      have to own the products in DS Domination to be paid a commission on.

      This is where I can help you huge because my team site has tons of training on free advertising and paid. Not only that
      our team site has the best capture pages! Our team site will be linked to your DS Domination affiliate link, there is a step by
      step guide in our team site how to do this. Very easy.

      I hope that helps!


      • Fhay says

        Hi Jesse,
        After several days of reading the good, the bad and the ugly about DS Domination, I have decided to come on-board. I just joined at the Pro level and have set my goals as to when I will go Elite and upwards!

        Thank you for taking the time to answer all of our questions! Looking forward to being a part of your team and meeting you on the inside.

        To our success,

        • Jesse Singh says

          Hey Fhay,

          Welcome to the team!

          I am so excited to have you, I sent all the team goodies to you
          through your ds domination email you used.

          Let me know if you got it, let’s rock this together :)

  54. SuzieQ says

    Hey Jesse! I just signed up for my DSD Pro. When will I get access to the members site, Facebook and all that yummie stuff?

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Suzie,

      I just sent you an email, welcome to our team! I look forward working with you :)

      Follow the email instructions and get yourself all setup :).


  55. Karen says

    Hi Jesse,

    I have just signed up under you as my referrer and very much looking forward to networking with everyone on your FB page.

    I was very impressed with all the comments above and your swift response to the questions raised. I was starting to think is this guy for real!!

    I got to know about DS Domination in December 2013 from a friend who sent me the link for Roger’s webinar. However I did not sign up under her as I was very sceptical as to the support that she would be able to give and the impression given was that I needed to buy every level if I wanted to make more money. Currently I can only start at the first level so I prefer to start there and make a go of it and then invest to the next level when the finances are there to do so.

    Looking forward to interacting with you and your team. Please send me the link to sign up to the FB page.


    Karen (Kim10)

    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Karen,

      I appreciate your kind words :)

      When you start in DS Domination, always start where
      you are comfortable. I never force anyone to upgrade unless
      they are completely sure of it.

      I just sent you an email to our team site and FB group, so just
      follow the instructions in the email and get yourself setup.

      Look forward working with you :)


  56. kathy says

    Hi Jesse,
    Just signed up under you and ready to roll. Very excited about this. When you get a chance can you please get me a link to your FB page?


    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Kathy,

      Welcome to the team! I am so excited to have you on board.

      I just sent you an email with our Team site and FB group :)

      Let’s make 2014 your year where you break free! :)


  57. Sara says

    Hi Jesse,

    Thanks for the detailed review! There is soooo much info out there on DS Domination and I feel like I’m on information overload lol. I’m also really impressed that you take the time to answer everyone’s questions to your post. What I’m trying to figure out is how the system is legitimate for your potential customers…I know drop-shipping is totally legitimate and legal. But when someone thinks they are buying something from you on ebay, but the item they receive is from someone on Amazon, doesn’t this look fishy to them? I was under the impression that true drop-shipping is when you have a pre-arranged agreement with the seller beforehand. Or do you wait for the item to arrive and then re-ship to your customer in your own packaging? That seems like kind of a complex system to duplicate for each customer… Is there no way to automate this step more? Seems like it could be really time consuming if you are planning on selling a lot of items, which I would. :-) I have a family to support.



    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey Sara,

      DS Domination method is TOTALLY legit. Sellers really don’t care if you
      are drop shipping their items. They in fact love it, they are making money,
      you are making money. Everyone is happy.

      When it comes to time, you will have to put in the effort. Anything that promises
      you that you will be rich one auto-pilot, stay CLEAR from it.

      When I first got started, I devoted a few hours a day and my goal was to list 100 items.

      When I got to 100 items, I noticed I was selling daily. I then upped my goal to 250 items :)

      When I hit 250 items, I was making 3-4 big ticket sales daily and now make a full time income
      from just eBay.

      I have a family to support as well, I have two kids 5 and 3 and my wife. If you are serious
      about making a full time income, you will have to put time and effort specially in the beginning.

      After that when you got many items up, you probably will be just placing orders most of the time
      which will probably be 30 minutes of work daily and your set.

      You put in the effort in the beginning, you get paid forever :)

      I hope that helps!


      • Sara says


        Ok that makes sense. I’m totally willing to put in the work…it’s just hard trying to picture how something is going to work before you’ve tried it lol. I thought of another question…do you ever have an issue with items on Amazon being out of stock by the time someone buys from you on Ebay? What do you do then? Also, I can only afford the Pro level right now…what kind of money could I expect to be making (ballpark – I know it would depend on my efforts) with the Pro level?



        • Jesse Singh says

          Hey Sara,

          I personally never had an issue with Amazon going out of stock because you can
          get an Amazon app where you can follow an item and if the price or quantity changes,
          it will let you know on your phone.

          And lets say it was out of stock, I would just apologize to the customer and tell them

          “Hey “Customers name” I am sorry to tell you we just ran out of stock.
          We thought we had more than we thought, but it looks like we ran out before we could
          update it on eBay. I am very sorry about that, I will send you an immediate refund.

          The customer doesn’t really care as long as you send them a refund in a reasonable time.

          And for coming in the PRO level, yes it will ultimately depend on the effort you put into it.

          With the Pro level, let’s say you got the hang of it, you can make anywhere between $1000-2000 per

          Now I can’t promise you those numbers, it’s just from my personal experience.

          I hope that helps!


  58. R says

    Hello Jesse,

    I just stumbled upon your website and find yours is very informative and helpful. DS Domination is pretty new to me and I consider myself as newbie in online marketing. I’ve read this and got a few questions:

    1. I rarely sell products on Amazon and Ebay and therefore I don’t have a lot of record selling stuff and positive reviews from customers. How can I be successful in applying DS Domination strategy with this condition?

    2. How can I be sure that the products that we purchase from Amazon (after we have successfully sold a product and got payment from an ebay customer) is still available? I’m just worried if an ebay customer purchased our product and then we purchased the similar product from Amazon and have it delivered to that customer but the products on Amazon is no longer available? I hope you understand what I’m saying here.

    3. Is the techniques of dropping ok with ebay and Amazon’s policy? Hope that we still can use this techniques for long term.

    I think that’s all what I have at the moment and sorry for asking too much!


    • Jesse Singh says

      Hey, welcome to the site R :)

      Okay lets answer your questions.

      1. 99% of DS Domination start with brand new accounts on eBay and Amazon with NO feedback and are making sales for
      the first time ever online. So considering you already have some feedback, you are in a much better position.

      2. We actually have a software that we use to notify us if the price changes in Amazon and when the quantity has been changed. You
      can actually use this on your phone so it will tell you if something changes. So you will not have to worry about any of that :)
      Gotta love technology lol.

      3. Drop shipping will hasn’t changed in the last 10 years. eBay and Amazon doesn’t care as long as your customer service is great
      and the customers are getting their products. This way both eBay and Amazon win so they have no problem with it.

      I hope that helps!


  59. Edit Bona says

    Hi Jesse,

    I like your page and your helpful with the people. I signed up in your team 2 says ago and I would like to pay the pro today but when I filled the lines first could not order because I forgot to fill the initials part. After this I filled the initials part but the order button do nothing I do not why. Maybe the initials part I filled wrong I wrote in my name two first caracter. I have debit Visa card but I read that is good. Can you help me what is the problem? Thank you and have a good day. :)

  60. Edit Bona says

    Hi Jesse,

    It seems my problem is resolved. I restart my browser and my payment was succeed. 😀 I am so excited work together. I live now in the United Kingdom but I am Hungarian so I am sorry my English. Have a good day to you again. :)

    • Jesse Singh says

      Edit welcome to the team!

      I sent all our team goodies to you already. Check your
      DS Domination email you used to sign up with.

      Let’s make this happen :)